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Online Baccarat for Real Money

Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, is one of the most classic casino games around. Not only is it loved by people of all walks of life, its rules are incredibly unique. Because this is a game that is adored by so many people, it is no wonder that Baccarat is able to be played for real money online. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a single, reputable online casino that does not contain Baccarat.

Sites Offering Real Money Baccarat

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There are many places to play Baccarat for real money online, which means that no longer do you have to travel to a casino in order to play some of your favorite casino game. There are so many online casinos offering this game for real money that you could spend hours trying to pick just one. A worry many people have is that of online casinos trying to “scam” you, but so long as you choose to play at a reputable casino you can be rest-assured that your money is safe and the games are random, and not rigged. To find a reputable casino, keep in mind there are many, all you have to do is do a simple internet search and you will find a countless number of reviews listing reasons why you should or should not play at a given online establishment.

Why Baccarat?

If you are unfamiliar with baccarat, you may be wondering why on earth you would even consider playing the game for real money online. The rules of baccarat are interesting because the game is played with a large deck of cards that typically consist of 6, 7, or 8 individual 52 card decks. This is much unlike casino games such as black jack and poker which are normally played with just one card.

During the game, players can bet on one of two hands that will be played. One hand is called the Punto while the other is labelled the Banco. Two win a bet placed on either the Punto or the Banco it is no more difficult than winning a black/red bet in a typical game of roulette. Two hands are dealt after betting and the only cards that will be counted are the Ace and single digit cards 2-9. Face cards and 10s have no value in the game of baccarat. At the end the hand, be it the Punto or the Banco, that has a higher value is the winning bet. The final hand can amount to no more than 9, so if, for example, the Banco has an 8 and a 4, instead of its total being 2, the one is dropped and it is just a 2.

There are special situations where either the Punto or Banco are able to draw a third card, but these can be looked up online. The fact of the matter is that playing Baccarat for money online is an exciting way to spend your time at an online casino. The odds are not built against you and the learning curve is almost non-existent. Besides, most online casinos offer practice play so you can master the game without ever having to risk your own money.

Picture above shows the Baccarat game at RedBet, provided by Net Entertainment.

Winning Baccarat Online

Unlike internet poker, where you can outwit other players in order to win cash, Baccarat is requires a player to rely much more heavily on luck. For this reason, it makes beginning players think that they are going to hit it big in no time. The reality, however, is that just like anything else you need to gain some experience before you have an edge on anyone.

Just because baccarat is inherently more of a game of luck than it is skill, there is most definitely skill involved; if even only a little bit. Strategy in baccarat online for real money, is much more based on the bets you place as opposed to the cards you draw. Knowing how to bet and, more importantly, how to control your betting is key to walking away from the online table with a profit instead of losses. One of the biggest pieces of advice waged upon baccarat players is to keep your bets as small as possible while betting on events that will yield you large returns. Small, incremental increases up to a certain point is a strategic way of betting which attempts to ensure the player that they will never lose a significant amount more than they wager, ever. In fact, a strategy like this can do a great job of preserving a player’s real money bankroll.

Baccarat Casinos Online

As is the case with most casino games, there are certain online casinos that specialize in one game over another, or set of other games. Baccarat is no different in that there are many online casinos who focus their real money gaming attention on baccarat more than any other type of game.

If you are mostly interested in baccarat, then you can do internet searches in order to find the online casinos that are much more interested in baccarat than any other game. Do not be fooled, however, because most of these casinos, while they do specialize in baccarat, still typically have a large amount of other games for you to choose from. Nowadays the online casino industry is so competitive that one site cannot afford to simply offer only one game.

One last note, it is important that you check your local laws and be sure that playing online casino games, like baccarat, for real money is legal in your area. There are many places throughout the world where it is illegal to play certain games.

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