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Live Dealer Online Baccarat

People who go to online casinos do so with the expectation of having the experience of an online casino without ever having to leave the comfort of their home. This is why so many online establishments work their very hardest to provide their online players with the best possible graphics, sound, and gameplay. While many of these casinos succeed with flying colors, there are some that go even over and beyond what is normally expected. While some casinos do this by offering exceptional bonuses and promotions, and other do so by boasting an unparalleled level of player traffic, other casinos offer live dealer games as to make the experience of an online casino seem much more human and real.

Baccarat DealerLive dealer baccarat is perhaps one of the most popular live dealer games because it involves the dealer much more than your typical game. Not only is it nice being dealt cards from a live dealer, it is also nice to know that the game you are playing cannot possibly be rigged; though almost no online casinos nowadays are. The purpose of this article is to explain just exactly how live dealer baccarat works in case you would like to test your luck at the online tables.

Live Baccarat – How It Works

Live Dealer Baccarat may seem like a concept that is only possible if you are present in a casino, and up until recently this was true. Now, with technology as advanced as it is, live baccarat is no more shocking than being able to video chat with your friends online. The reason I say this is because that is precisely how baccarat works. There is a live dealer located somewhere in the world who is connected to all the players at the table via live webcam.

Though live dealer baccarat was first made popular in Europe, it is quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. When you “sit down” at a live dealer baccarat table you are literally transferred to a real casino where your dealer is. At this point, if you have ever felt like you were at a real casino when playing online you will have to renew that thought because this type of baccarat play makes the deal that much more real. If you are used to playing at your typical online casino, live dealer games may be foreign to you’ even if you have frequented live, brick and mortar casinos as well.

The image below shows the live Baccarat game at

Live Baccarat

For Beginners

The game of baccarat is a simple one, but because it involves a dealer as much as it does, the live version just makes sense; even online. There are very few strategies involved in the game of baccarat which means that though live dealer online baccarat may seem like an intimidating concept.

It is also good for beginners because the live dealer version of this game has a high payout rate regardless of what stake level you are playing at. Being connected via webcam is not enough for live dealer baccarat as most versions of the game offer a live webcam feed as well as your typical online casino felt table graphic so you have a better view of just what exactly is going on as you play. Online casinos understand that connections for webcams may not all be superb and for this reason the graphical representation of what the dealer is doing becomes a necessity. Once you actually sit down at a table or see some screen shots of an actual game online the whole setup of online live dealer games will begin to make much more sense to you.

Where to Play Live Baccarat

It almost goes without saying that if you are a new player you should be doing your research before simply choosing the first casino you find that offers live baccarat. Only a few years ago live dealer games were found few and far between, but as their popularity amongst players rose, so too did the number of sites which offered the game. Nowadays you can find live dealer online games of just about any type at a wide range of different online casinos all over the world.

As a beginning player it would serve you best to play at an online casino that offers you the best sign-up or first deposit bonus. This is so because these bonuses allow you to stretch your money further than it would have ever stretched before. Most online casinos that offer live dealer baccarat play also offer some very attractive bonuses for new players. Some of these bonuses for live dealer baccarat include deposit bonuses where a certain percentage of your original deposit is paid back to you by the casino in bonus money, or a bonus that rewards you for doing no more than making a player account.

Some of the best places to play live dealer baccarat online are Spin Palace Casino and Bet365. Both of these sites have been in the casino industry for quite some time and strive to provide you, the player, with the best possible online casino experience. They understand that live dealer games may be difficult to become accustomed to at first and for this reason do everything in their power to help you become acclimated to the game type more quickly. It is always good to read about an online casino before signing up and playing there and this remains true with live dealer baccarat casinos online.

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