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Online Bingo

Many online casinos, for the most part, do not see a point in offering bingo for real money, though the reason for this is unclear because there are countless people out there looking to play the game. In land based bingo halls around the world we can see that the popularity for bingo is still huge, and the same goes for the internet version of this simple, but classic, game.

Not every online casino is lacking online bingo, but many of them are. For this reason, there are a growing number of sites out there who only offer different versions of bingo. At first, these sites were few and far between, but more recently their numbers have been growing. As bingo is a popular game all over the world, the market is open for the taking and those wishing to play bingo online for real money could not be more satisfied.

Deposit Methods for Bingo

BingoSince we said that many of these online bingo offering sites are not strictly casinos, you may be wondering if they work in the same fashion or not. The reality of the matter is that many of these sites do, in fact, operate in much the same way that online casinos do.

The first concern many players come across is that of depositing. Without easy, straightforward deposit methods it would be incredibly difficult for online bingo sites to attract players. For this reason there are actually plenty of ways to fund your online playing account at an online bingo site. Whether you want to make a deposit by credit/debit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfer, sites offering all three methods are out there. It is important that you do your research before signing up for a site because not every site offers all three methods. Finding out which bingo site is best for you will take only a matter of minutes and will serve you countless benefits.

Best Bingo Sites in 2013

Anyone can see the huge amounts of online bingo sites, not at least in countries like UK. So where should I play?, you might ask. In this article you can read about various aspects of a bingo room, and our recommendations are based on these areas. Basically, which sites offer a stable, secure but fun and promo-filled bingo sites with a lot of games, activities and a good community?

We recommend Unibet Bingo, and for US bingo players our recommendation would be Cyber Bingo.

Online Bingo on Mobile/iPad

Bingo on MobileWe are a bit surprise that not more sites has focused on this, there are now very few alternatives for people that wants to play real money bingo on iPad or on the mobile phone.

We strongly recommend mFortune for anyone that wants to try this. They offer a full scale mobile bingo room with great promotions from an award winning and reliable site. Above mentioned Unibet Bingo does also have a mobile bingo section, however this one has not yet been tested by us at Whatever Gambling.


The graphics at online casinos are a matter of hot debate because while some people think they do not matter at all, others feel as though they are one of the most important factors of a site. Regardless of whether you actually care about the quality of the graphics or not, most online bingo sites today have great graphics.

The internet has come a long way over the years, and this makes it possible for countless bingo sites to be able to give you superior graphics. Some of the sites out there have such intricate programming that you will have a hard time telling whether you are playing online or are actually in a local bingo hall. Just like deposit methods, finding out the graphical quality of a site is as easy as doing just a little bit of research before deciding on a place to play at.

Bingo Games

Bingo, much like poker, can have many variants. This is one facet of the game that online sites have an edge over anywhere else you can play. Online bingo sites tend to have a wide variety of different bingo variations, all with healthy player traffic at all hours of the day. New and exciting games are being thought up all the time and variations to your typical bingo game are being realized.

Game selection and diversity is a hallmark of some of the most popular real money bingo sites, as they should be. Without variation in the types of games offered on a given site, players will get bored and end up finding somewhere else to take their money.

If you’re a UK bingo player, we would also recommend checking out the new live bingo via webcam which adds a whole new dimension to the game.

Side Games – Slots

As you will see, many of bingo rooms online offers a lot of side games, mostly slot machines or Blackjack. The gaming companies will want you to try these as that’s where the big revenues are, however, if you do want to play these games there are usually settings where you can remove them from coming up on the screen.

These side games can be a great entertainment in between long bingo sessions though and we would recommend not dismissing them at first sight. They have a good win percentage just as classic online slots as well.


A staple of any online casino, or online real money bingo site has got to be the promotions that are offered there. Whether it be first depositor bonuses, tournaments, reload bonuses, or an attractive loyalty program, no site is complete without its promotions. Promotions help players make the most of the money they invested in a site and is the site’s way of thanking them for choosing their bingo room.

Just like everything else we have discussed up to this point, promotions are another thing that can be scouted out before signing up and depositing at a real money bingo site. Player reviews and forums will do a good job of laying out which sites have the best promotions and which ones are more content with sitting back and collecting your money than they are with rewarding you for spending time on their site.

Cashing Out from a Bingo Room

Since we are talking about real money bingo games, this article wouldn’t be complete unless we talked about the prospect of cashing out. Anytime you play online for real money, the hope is that you walk away with some winnings. Since you cannot just go to a cashier’s booth like you can at a brick and mortar casino, cashing out online becomes a bit more tricky.

By choosing an online bingo provider who offers a decent quantity of cashing out options, you are not only making things easier on yourself, but you are also ensuring that you get your money as fast as humanly possible. Withdrawal options can also be checked out and pondered over before you ever sign up to play at a given money bingo site.

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