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Blackjack Tournaments Online

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and has been for quite some time. The reason for its popularity lies in its simplicity; get as close to 21 as you can without going over. The concept is easy to understand and this is the reason why some of the most heavily trafficked games at a given online casino are its blackjack games. And just like poker online, blackjack is offered in both single game and tournament varieties.

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Blackjack tournaments, much like poker tournaments, are a completely different animal than simply sitting down and playing one hand at a time. The pace of tournaments coupled with the amount of players adds an additional layer of complexity that makes blackjack tournaments a thing of their own. The way you approach the game in the form of a tournament has to be different how you approach it when playing single hands, otherwise you will be eaten alive and spit up before you even know what happened to you. In the following few sections you will be given all sorts of tips and information that will help you hone in on your skills and the best blackjack tournament player you can be.

Bet Aggressively… at first

If you are new to the tournament scene, the only way to get used to this type of gameplay is to throw yourself in head first. It is advised that if you are new to blackjack tournaments you should start off your run of play by betting in aggressive fashion. This may be contrary to what you have been told all your life, but sitting idly by in a tournament is the perfect recipe for getting knocked out right away.

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If you bet only slightly more or less than the other people playing it will really serve you no strategic benefit. Instead, be aggressive and try to come out of the starting gates with vigor. Being aggressive does not mean betting your whole stack every time, but rather, betting in a way that shows your opponents and the dealer that you mean business. In any type of tournament, the weakest ones will be knocked out first and by betting aggressively you are asserting yourself as one of the contenders in the tournament.

Watch the Clock

The difference between playing blackjack in a casino and playing blackjack online is that online tournaments are timed, which means you only have so many seconds to make a decision on whether to hit or hold. The reason most blackjack tournaments only give you a few seconds to respond is because there is a large occurrence of people consulting third party sources for advice on what move to make.

There are all types of software and programs out there that serve to benefit the player in a way that gives him advantage over other players and the dealer and these time limits look to eliminate (or reduce) this advantage. You need to be able to make smart decisions quickly if you ever want to see positive results stemming from your participation in a blackjack tournament.

Strategy Cards

Strategy cards are an example of ways you can get an advantage on the competition. These cards work by laying out common scenarios in a game of blackjack as well as how you should act once in a given scenario. When you play blackjack in a casino, using strategy cards such as these would be frowned upon, but in the comfort of your own home you have no one there telling you what you can and cannot do.

Instead of attempting to memorize the betting patterns of your competitors, strategy cards simply give you a situation and then tell you a variety of different ways in which you can bet or play. These cards are in no way always going to give you a winning answer, but they do definitely help you make more informed decisions when playing in a tournament.

Surviving in Blackjack Tournaments

People who play multi-table blackjack tournaments often get lost in the thought that they must win each and every round. While it is important to win, simply surviving to the next round is what separates great blackjack players from average ones. If you cannot make it through the first few rounds you will never have a chance at winning any substantial prize money.

This ties hand in hand with the aforementioned topic of betting aggressively. Once again, there is a different between betting aggressively and making dumb bets. Dumb bets will get you knocked out whereas tactically aggressive bets will insure your survival. Keep in mind, in most tournaments it is not all about first place as second, third, and sometimes even fourth place offer nice payouts as well.

Single Table

Single table tournaments are a tournament that takes place between only the players sitting at a given table. Since most online tables only support about 5-7 (sometimes 9) people, these are often the size of singe table tournaments.

These tournaments give you the ability to really analyze how your opponents play as far as betting and other moves go. You can enter into single player tournaments with friends, or even qualify for them by playing in satellites. The way by which you enter a tournament varies from site to site and stake level to stake level.

Multi-Table Tournaments

Multi table tournaments are much larger than single table ones and as the name suggests, instead of playing against 5 or 6 other people, you are playing against any number of people at a variety of different tables. As players get knocked out the tables and players become consolidated until there are only a few folks left.

The ability to survive becomes imperative in multi table tournaments because these are more of a marathon event and if you give it your all right away, you will have nothing left in the tank for a strong finish. You can buy-in to multi table tournaments but one of the most popular ways to enter is by way of tournament satellites, most of which can be bought into for pennies on the dollar.

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