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Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses can be tricky. There are so many different types of offers on the go at online casinos that a player can often feel overwhelmed and spoilt for choice. This may leave him or her with a difficult decision about what to go for, and what should validate a good offer. The best way to make your decisions regarding online casino bonuses are to understand what each one is, why a given online casino is offering it, and what you will have to do to receive it.

Match Deposit Bonuses

Casino 100% BonusThe most common form of online bonuses by far. Match deposit bonuses most often come in the form of welcome bonuses, whereby a player makes a deposit to an online casino and receives double their investment back. Often a 100% match deposit bonus will mean that if a player deposits £100 to their account, the online casino will offer them an additional £100 back, bringing their total funds to £200.

These forms of additions are not exclusive to welcome bonuses however; as there is also such a thing as reload bonuses that reward a player with smaller matches of between 10%-50% for any subsequent deposits they may make to their accounts in the future.

Be aware…

This might seem like a great opportunity at first, but be aware of the fact that the playing (turnover) requirements before you can withdraw is usually very high. So what does this mean in practice?

Well, let’s say you deposit £100 and get a match bonus, leading your balance to be £200. If you play a few hours and get your balance up to £1000 after some lucky spins, you might start thinking about withdrawing to your bank account? That you can forget in this case, bonus requirements usually takes a long time to achieve, which means you have to continue playing, and often loosing it all. At some casinos there is the possibility of cancelling the bonus amount if you wish to withdraw, but don’t take it for granted.

It should also be noted that some match bonus requirements only applies to certain games, as an example, in order to clear a bonus you might have to play slot machines or roulette, but not Blackjack. Or at some casinos, the live dealer games does not count in the bonus clearing statistics.

Sticky Bonuses

An alternative option to the welcome bonus; the sticky bonus rewards players with a given amount of money for signing up at an online casino with no deposit required. These sticky bonuses generally allow you to wager on whatever you like (often up to £1,000), but are on a timer and after that period of time has expired you must have wagered all of the money. Anything you win below £100 after wagering your entire sticky bonus is generally yours to keep. You cannot withdraw a sticky bonus.

Play-through Casino Bonuses

These types of online casino bonuses are strict. They detail that a player must deposit funds into his account and wager a multiple of that amount before he or she are allowed to withdraw their funds. For example, the casino may offer you a 100% match, but you will need to reinvest that bonus up to ten times before you can withdraw. Although declining in popularity, these are still essentially fair bonuses.

No-Deposit Bonuses

Although incredibly small, no deposit bonuses are more often than not found online bingo sites as well as online casinos. A typical no deposit welcome bonus is offered for simply signing up at a site, and will generally consist of no more than £5-£25. This bonus cannot be withdrawn, but will allow you to test all of an online casino’s games for real money, and yet not cost you a penny.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are awarded to players who have been with the casino for a significant period of time, or have wagered a given amount. After a year with the online casino a lot of online casinos will reward their players with an anniversary match deposit bonus. Similarly, if a player wagers a fair amount in the casino and spends a good portion of their time there, they may be rewarded with a cash bonus, loyalty bonus points, or even a V.I.P. upgrade.

Where can I find such bonuses?

RedBet Casino has a great many of these bonuses up for grabs if you wish to try out some of their alternating bonus methods. They also have a great collection of games and three separate online casinos for you to ply your trade in. If you’re looking for an online casino site with the broadest range of bonuses, look no further than this casino site.
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