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Microgaming Casinos

Microgaming Software Review – Microgaming is one of the longest standing casino software providers in the business. One thing that a company who has been around for almost twenty years has to have in order to survive is both a large player reach as well as great casino games and experiences. Microgaming is often considered an online casino pioneer because they made their mark on the industry before most other software providers. Having been founded in 1994, Microgaming is one of the elder statesmen of the online casino industry.

It did not take long for this software provider to become a crowd favorite and throughout their first 8 years they experienced a lot of success. In 2002 everything changed for the better as they released their new Viper software which was well received. The new Viper software immediately became the go-to option in the industry and is still how many other software providers model their software production. Microgaming does a great job of offering high quality games not only in how the game itself works, but also in the amount of money players are able to win and player traffic. Nowadays Microgaming has a huge footprint I the industry and you will likely come across their software everywhere you go. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to some of the finer aspects of how this great, respected software company works as well as the games they offer players.

Microgaming Network

Microgaming Slot MachinesWhile online casinos offering and supporting Microgaming software are very easy to find, the number that exist today is just a shadow of what was around a few years ago. Back only 5 years ago there were seemingly endless Microgaming supported casinos to the point where you wondered if any other software company was in business. Many of those sites no longer exist and for this reason Microgaming is able to offer a more concentrated, customer-centric way of business operation.

Going hand in hand with an inevitably smaller offering of sites that use their software, Microgaming has also recently seen a decline in player traffic. This is not a decline for any reason that is Microgaming’s fault, but more because legal issues have risen to envelope the online casino industry, thus forcing some sites out of business. Even though average player traffic nowadays is thinner than it was a few years ago, it is still more than adequate. Where Microgaming software sites struggle is in the realm of high stakes poker, or any other real money high stakes games. Mid-level players can play at all hours of the day but if you are wanting to play high stakes poker or blackjack you are going to have to be on at peak hours as some of the off hours of the day can become quickly frustrating.

On the whole it is agreed that most players at Microgaming casinos are pretty soft and easy to take advantage with even the smallest amount of skill. This both draws people to Microgaming casinos as well as pushed them away.


Software with Microgaming is not going to blow you away, but it will without a doubt satisfy. Microgaming more makes sure that they effectively cover all their bases instead of trying to amaze you with incredibly attractive graphics or other unnecessary unattractive features. If there is any part of Microgaming that people complain about, it is without a doubt their software in general.

You really have to experience the software for yourself to get a real opinion because everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to their online casino experience. As time has passed Microgaming has made changes in order to update and make their software better, which is great for players to know that they haven’t completely neglected graphics and gameplay.

Microgaming does boast one of the widest slot offerings on the web, which is one of their major calling cards. The introduction of Viper software more or less solidified their position in the online casino software industry. That was no accident either as the advancements Viper software brought to the industry were undeniably beneficial for every type of player.

Microgaming is also versatile in that they offer plenty no-download casinos as well as the downloadable versions we all know and love. As space on a computer is becoming more and more scarce for everyone, no-download casinos are a great way to play the games you love without having to waste inordinate amounts of space on your computer or laptop’s hard drive.


Like we have said before, it wasn’t an accident that Microgaming is still around almost 20 years after their creation. Over that period of time you would have had to do at least a few things right in order to have the longevity which Microgaming has exhibited.

Their wide offering of games makes them much more attractive than a lot of other one-dimensional online casinos. No matter whether you are an experienced poker player or a new slot player, Microgaming is able to suit all of your needs and even offer you some help along the way. The online casino industry in general loves Microgaming and while these first nearly 20 years have been awesome for players everywhere, we are all hoping for another 20, at least.

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