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Net Entertainment Casinos

NetEnt CasinoNet Entertainment Review – In the early 1990s, online casino software really began to take off as both the computer and internet advanced dramatically. Net Entertainment was first founded in 1996 which makes it one of the first software providers in existence. Almost 20 years later, Net Entertainment (NetEnt) is as strong as it ever was and the fact that it has survived in the industry this long really speaks to how they operate as a business. Though their company was first founded in 1996, the first casino they opened was not operational until 2000.

In Europe, and Scandinavia in particular, they provide by far the most popular slots games and we can understand why. As for now, NetEnt has the best graphics, best game speed, best bonus games and works fantastic on mobile and iPad’s.

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When they opened their first casino in 200, they did not waste much time having opened four more in that same exact year. Only a few years later and we saw Net Entertainment sticking their noses into the sports wagering world when they applied for their sportsbook license. This company not only worked as a provider of real money online casino games, they also gave player the ability to manage how they play as well as keep track of their own playing time, results, and any other pertinent information. Nowadays the company only works in the field of software development, but this is obviously something that they are very adept at.

They are operated out of Sweden and have been regularly mentioned as one of the best software providers in the entire online casino industry. Their video slots which were first released in 2007 have received public acclaim and it is actually harder to find people saying bad things about Net Entertainment than it is to find people singing their praises.

Randomness Assured

The one gripe everyone has with playing at an online casino usually goes along the lines of, “well how do I know the game isn’t rigged for me to lose?” While this is a great question and many sites have scammed people in the past, you do not have to worry with any games offered by Net Entertainment. The reason you can lay all worries to rest lies in the fact that Net Entertainment has the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta validate their games.

Not only are they validated in Malta, their games are also checked for randomness by companies located in both Sweden and Canada. Nowadays it is common to have at least one third-party company authenticate your games, but having three different entities step in and review them before they are ever available to the public is just a prime example of how Net Entertainment takes things one extra step to ensure their quality.

NetEnt Software

Since Net Entertainment develops all aspects of their software by themselves, you can be certain that all their games are run very smoothly. What you will often find when an online casino outsources parts or the whole production of software is that the game or games come back choppy and not very fluid. They pride themselves in making their software suitable for those that use it, something that not every sites does. Being that they want to satisfy all players that use and play their games, Net Entertainment offers all of their games in a whopping 22 different languages.

With every game you play you are gifted a management system that allows you to review your own performance as well as see graphical representations on how you play. This management system is not something you have to download either, rather, it is available online at any time so as long as you have an internet connection you will be fully in touch with your playing data.

Net Entertainment is a java-only software company so that means you do not have to download anything or take up any space on your computer. Many other software companies force you to download their system as well as the games and we all know how much space this can end up taking away from your computer. Not only doesn’t it take up any space on your laptop or PC, Net Entertainment software’s java quality allows you to get started playing as soon as you click your mouse.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of Net Entertainment software is the fact that they are constantly updating and revising previous games. Not only that, but they are also introducing new games to the internet casino world all the time. The casino industry, especially the online one, is always changing. No software company has ever survived off of just one good game, and for this reason they need to work all the time to make their offering bigger and better, something Net Entertainment does.

NetEnt Games on Mobile/iPad

So how well does the NetEnt games adept to mobile devices and varios tablets? The answer is; excellent. The fact is that this is the best mobile casino games in our opinion, with the super graphics, stability and loads of fun interactive bonus games and free spins offers.

Live Dealer Casino

NetEnt are currently only offering live dealer roulette, but more games will come shortly so hopefully we can present more information about this at this section in the future. Meanwhile, check out our blog where we’re reviewing the NetEnt live roulette.

Net Entertainment Slots
Some of the Slots offered by NetEntertainment

Games Offered

We have been alluding to it the whole time, but Net Entertainment offers a variety of online casino games for you to take advantage of. These games include online blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, video poker, slot games and more.

Their slot offering is extensive and being the multi-dimensional software provider that they are, they also offer slot tournaments. The graphics on essentially all of their games is undeniably realistic which is always a plus that is enjoyed by players. All in all their game offering is both adequate and attractive.

Some of the current most popular slots includes Starburst, EggOMatic, Jack Hammer and Gonzo’s Quest.


As far as reputation goes, none get much better than Net Entertainments. Having been in the industry for such a long time, it is almost a no-brainer that this company is held in such high regard amongst the average player. Refining their categorical description further, Net Entertainment has arguably the best reputation amongst any no-download casinos on the web.

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