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EU/UK Online Gambling

Perhaps the most popular place in the whole world for online gambling is the entirety of Europe, including the United Kingdom. Even as far as American games like Texas Hold’em go, Europeans love to gamble. Before online gambling was an option, Europeans used to flock to the multitude of casinos that exist all over the continent. Nowadays the internet has made it easier than ever to play some of the most exciting online casino games.

With huge bonuses for new and existing players, coupled with the fact that there is no shortage of player traffic, it is no wonder why internet casinos are where you can find a lot of Europeans spending their free time. The online gaming scene was even more populated prior to a few years ago because up until recently, Americans played right alongside Europeans meaning for even larger amounts of player traffic. With some legal situation panning out in the US, it has made it harder for European and Americans to cross paths, but hopefully that will change sometime soon. Despite the small hiccup with American gamblers and some ongoing legislation battles in parts of Europe, online gambling is a relatively stress free environment.

Types of Games

EU and UK Online gamblingIt is hard to say that Europeans like one brand of online casino game that much more than another, but one game they are definitely very fond of is Texas Hold’em. This popular style of poker was popularized in the United States, but quickly became a worldwide favorite. Unlike days of the past that only saw the older crowd take an interest in Texas Hold’em, nowadays we see an entirely new brand of player participating in the game. With the World Series of Poker being held annually in Las Vegas, it is every young Hold’em player’s dream to make it to the big stage one day.

Another popular internet venture for Europeans, like it is for many other people, is online sports betting. Europeans, just like Americans, love their sports and are always trying to make a profit off of the results of their favorite teams. Since soccer, or football, is most popular in Europe, it is one of the main sports people bet on. In addition to this they also place bets on horse betting and a variety of other bets too.

Slot machine games are also popular online casino stops for Europeans. Because slot games can cost you as little as a few pennies to as much as a few hundred dollars per spin, there is a game for every type of casino-goer. By doing a little bit of research before signing up to play at a particular online casino you will be able to gain a better understand of just how wide a variety of slot games each and every online casino offers. Going hand in hand with slots is another game of chance known as Roulette. There are many different variations to this game, but it is without a doubt one of the most exciting whether you are playing online or at an actual casino.

Restricted Areas/Countries

Well, online gambling has some restrictions, even in Europe, and there are certain games you won’t find for example in Spain, Italy and France. All countries has their own set of rules and this is something that changes constantly. If you reside in Italy or France, we recommend having a closer look at the options for which casino/betting site to register at, as there are plenty of sites not accepting players from these countries.

We will update this page and our other country specific pages with more information as soon as we get updates. For all the remaining countries, there are hardly any restrictions, but of course, our recommendations are also based on the best games, player traffic and not at least deposit options that suits those players.

We will shortly be presenting more gaming sites for each country, by making it simple for you. For those who wish to stay more updated in detail, read more here.

Casino Bonuses for Europeans

Online casinos in Europe offer some of the best bonuses both for new players and existing ones. Whether you are trying to find a no deposit bonus, free spin bonus, or the most rewarding VIP program, there are plenty of online casinos for Europeans in which you can do that.

Just as it is before playing at any online casino, a little bit of prior research will take you a long way in that you can gain a better understand of the types of bonuses being offered before ever having to sign up, create an account, and deposit money at an online casino. Something that is key to pay attention to is the gambling requirements attached to each and every bonus and promotion. Because casinos are not in the business of simply giving away free money, they attach requirements that a participating player must fulfill before any of the bonus monies or money won through the bonus spins are actually yours.

Where to Play

CasinoEuroNow that I have stressed that there are, in fact, countless places for Europeans to play online casino games, it is about time that I start naming some. SpinPalace, CasinoEuro, and Bet365 are three of the best places to take your online casino skills if you are a European or simply someone who is residing in Europe. These sites not only offer a wide variety of games and bets for you to play and place, they also boast high player traffic numbers to ensure that you will not be bored when you log on.

Bet365 is one of the best places to place bets on live sporting events from football, to horseracing, and everything in between. Not only do they allow you to place wagers on these matches and events, but they also often offer a way for you to watch them online for free as well.

SpinPalace, as the name would suggest, is a great source for the online casino goer who loves slot machines. No matter whether you are a high stakes player or simply getting started in the European and UK gambling scene, there is sure to be a slot game that will suit your needs.

Finally, CasinoEuro is one of the best all-around online casinos available for European players. Boasting a wide variety of different games means that you will never be bored. Since most games on this site offer free-play rounds, you are able to get a feel for the site before you ever have to risk any money of your own.

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