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iPad Gambling

WinPalace Mobile CasinoIn 2013 we are seeing even more gambling sites adding a mobile- and iPad friendly casino with a selection of their games. The latest is the WinPalace mobile casino that is one of few sites in this niche that accepts US players.

Among other markets, there are now a good mix of games and sites available that works great on any iPad/tablet or mobile phones such as iPhone or Samsung Galaxy etc. In this article we will explain a bit more how iPad gambling works and which sites are the best suited for tablet real money games, with focus on the Apple products.

Casinos offering iPad/iPhone Real Money Games

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WinPalace WinPalace Mobile Online Casino, Slots Jackpots, USA Friendly...

Tablets are like a hybrid mix of both cell phones and computers. While tablets cannot make calls like cell phones, nor can they support keyboards like computers, they do more or less have the best of both worlds. Perhaps the most revolutionary of all tablets is that of the iPad. Created by Apple, it was one of the first tablets to hit the market, and when it did it sent techies into a frenzy. Anyone who was anyone had to have an iPad, to the point where they became unofficial symbols of social class.

Being able to connect to the internet like a computer and download apps like a cell phone, the iPad was the perfect place for online casinos to experiment with some of their latest ideas for mobile projects. At first, many of the prototypes for online casinos able to be supported by iPads and other tablets were crude and lacked the functionality of the sites and apps we see today, but they quickly developed into an entirely new industry that is now receiving a lot of attention.

Playing at online casinos via your iPad, iPhone, or any other tablet is something that was more crazy talk than anything only a few years ago, but has quickly turned into an awesome reality. All the same experiences you can expect from a typical online casino, you can expect from the ones able to be supported by iPads and other tablets.
The purpose of this article is to give you more insight into the world of online gambling on tablets, as well as talk to you about what types of games are most popularly played on tablets.

iPad Casino
Image shows the iPad/Mobile friendly US casino at WinPalace

Apple and Gambling

If you were one of the first people to buy an iPad, and you had hoped to play real money games on it via the app store, you were likely initially disappointed. This is because at first, Apple did not allow real money gaming sites to be offered on the App Store. It is unclear why this was the case, because the amount of money that they could derive from the budding industry seemed astronomical. After time Apple eased up a bit, but before they ever let the first real money poker application go on the App Store, people were playing games at online casinos like crazy.

At this point you might be wondering how on earth people were able to play at online gambling sites even though they weren’t on the app market yet, though this answer can be found in two simple words: web browser. Because tablets like the iPad are equipped with fairly substantial web browsers, people were able to access their favorite poker rooms and internet slots with just the entering of one or two web addresses. As online casinos realized more and more people were accessing their sites through things like tablets, they decided to address the issue. They did this by offering online casinos that only contained the bare minimums, as to make for faster loading in an iPad web browser. This was a great way for people to get around Apple’s real money embargo while still playing the casino games they love on the go.

Casino Networks / Where to Play?

When it comes to slots, the two main networks for mobile/iPad games are Net Entertainment and Microgaming. We personally like NetEnt a lot much for their nice graphics and bonus games, however Microgaming has been offering mobile slots for a long time and is a proven secure network with a lot of fans.

We recommend trying the Netent ipad games at Unibet Casino with games such as Starburst, Eggomatic and Gonzo’s Quest. The Microgaming games is easily played at Spin Palace, one of our favorite casino sites.

Both of these networks also offers good versions of iPad Blackjack, Roulette and a few other special games.

For USA, there has been recent improvement as WinPalace has started offering mobile RTG slots with a great mobile version of their site. Previously only Slotland offered slots on the phone, but we can’t say we are big fans of their games.

Live Dealer on iPad?

Yes, it’s actually here already, we have recently tried out the NetEnt live dealer roulette at Unibet that works absolutely great on iPad (and most likely on iPhone and other tablets/phones as well). Read more about that here.

Mobile Depositing

Depositing money on to your account as to make it possible to play at a mobile online gambling casino is a bit trickier than you might think. Though many apps and sites offer you the ability to deposit through the app or in your mobile browser, this is not always the case.

Some mobile apps require you to deposit funds into your player account via their actual website. This means that while you are at home, before going on the move, you have to deposit money, otherwise your account will have no money in it. By doing a little bit of research and searching the internet before signing up for a mobile online casino, you will be able to find the casino that best serves your needs.


Another concern of people who are wary about playing for real money at mobile online casinos is that of the gameplay. Since you are likely going to be on the move constantly, your service may not always be perfect. Though this is the case, players shouldn’t have a hard time playing. If you think you are going to be travelling through an area with bad cell reception, it would probably be a better idea to just not play at all because you will probably be getting disconnected quite often.

With that being said, the issue of being disconnected raises even more concerns amongst those who are thinking about playing at mobile online casinos for real money. For some reason, many of these people think that if they get disconnected during a hand of poker or something similar that they will lose all the money they had when they were sitting at the online table. This is not the case, and should you get disconnected you will be returned any money that you had not previously wagered.

Playing for real money at iPad gambling sites raises a lot of concerns amongst prospective players, but most of these concerns are not anything to be worried about at all.

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