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Italy Online Gambling

Like the rest of Europe, Italy is absolutely in love with gambling. Ever since gambling games were created hundreds and thousands of years ago Italians have taken them and put their own spin on them. Actually, many gaming companies has said Italian players create the most revenue among European gamblers. Nowadays, with the existence of online casinos, it gives the average Italian much more room to decide what type of games he or she would like to play as well as when they would like to play them.

Just as the case is in a majority of other regions around the world, one of the most popular games for Italians as far as online casinos go is poker. Poker is so popular in the boot-shaped European country that PokerStars, arguably the world’s largest brand, made a mobile real money poker app specific only to the country of Italy. This meant that before anyone else, anywhere else in the world was able to play online casino games like Poker, Italians were playing.

Italian Online gamblingDespite Italians and a majority of other Europeans loving online gambling and everything that comes with it, they have not been without their legal issues. As is the case with any legal issue surrounding online gambling, no situation in the world is worse than the current one facing the United States and its citizens, but Italy has hit a few speed bumps in the past. The purpose of this article is to explain the current online gambling situation in Italy, what types of games Italians love, and where they are able to play them. Any questions that you might have about online gambling in Italy will likely be answered in the following few sections.

Legal Status

While playing gambling games at online casinos is completely legal in Italy, there is a bit of a catch involved. With that being said, Italians and those living in Italy do not have a hard time finding sites and games like Americans do because online casinos are legal in Italy so long as they are licensed by the Italian Government’s regulating body.

A few years ago, the government of Italy was facing the same situation that many other countries in Europe and around the world faced, they were running short on money. This need for cash prompted the Italian government to do what a number of other governments have been doing lately and that is taxing all gambling in the country. By taxing both players and operators, the Italian government was able to create a revenue stream, a very profitable one, that had never existed before.

The laws regarding online gambling in Italy require that all sites who are operational in the country must have a license issued by the Italian government. This means that it is not only illegal to play at sites who do not have an official license, but it is also illegal to operate a site that is without an Italian license. This new law prompted many sites to leave the country, though a few of the larger names stayed.

PokerStars, for example, simply created an Italian facing site which was only able to be accessed by those currently residing in Italy. Unfortunately for some of the smaller sites, creating an Italian-only version of their online casino was far too expensive to be an option. While this law has many Italians angered that they are no longer allowed to play against competition from all over the world, it does do a good job of helping the government that would have likely run out of money without the creation of such laws.

One of the latest casino sites catering only to Italian players is Star Casino, run by Betsson Group, that also has CasinoEuro among other gaming sites.

StarCasino Italy Casino

Games Played in Italy

Now that you know more about the ongoing legal situation regarding online gambling in Italy, it comes time for you to learn a bit more about types of casino games that Italians love to play.

As is the case with many countries throughout the world, the most popular game has got to be poker, specifically Texas Hold’em. If such was not the case, there is no reason why PokerStars and a few other sites went out of their way to buy a license and create an online casino only able to be played by Italians.

Each and every year at the World Series of Poker it seems like we see one or two Italians make surprise runs into the final tables. Though with how often we see Italians doing well in big tournaments like the WSOP, it should not be as much of a surprise to us. When we are playing ourselves at the local Portomaso casino in Malta, most of the good poker players are here from Italy, and it’s still a huge “sport” there.

Another game that has absolutely captured the hearts of gambling Italians over the years is roulette played online. This exciting game of chance gives players a multitude of different bets, each of which have their own, different odds. Being that you can place a wager on a bet you win 50% of the time to making wagers on bets you win less than ten percent of the time, Roulette is a truly versatile game.

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