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Android Gambling Sites

AndroidAndroid/Tablets Gambling – Online gambling is a recent advance in internet technology that has made casinos much more accessible than they have ever been before. In the past, you had to rent a hotel, travel hundreds of miles, and take time off work to be able to spend even a little bit of time at a casino. Nowadays it is as easy as sitting down in front of your computer and playing all of the current best casino games. New sites are popping up all the time and more competition between online casinos means for better deals for the players (you).

But what if playing at the computer is not even convenient enough for you? What happens when you are constantly on the move yet still have the urge to play some poker or Blackjack, like us at :). Luckily for you, there are now mobile versions of the online casinos you know and love which make it easy for you to play real money online casino games no matter where you are. So long as you have a solid cell connection and a phone that supports them, online casinos are just as accessible on Android phones as they are on your home computers or personal laptops. We live in a day in age where technology is unlike it has ever been before, in the best of ways. The purpose of this article is to explain how Android online gambling works and how you can become of the growing phenomenon.

Downloadable/Web Browser

As you are well aware, online casinos that you can access from your computer or laptop can either be played in the web browser you are using or by simply downloading the software which the site provides you. Both are viable options and both fulfill your gambling needs.

Since Android phones and tablets are just a bit different than laptop computers, the process for going about playing online casino games is a bit different. Some online casinos have actual applications that you can download directly from the app market. These apps are more often than not free and download in a matter of minutes. It is important that you are wary about the apps that you download because some are much larger than others and we understand that both phones and tablets do not have nearly the amount of memory on them as computers do. By doing a little bit of research on your computer you can find out exactly what online casinos offer downloadable apps and which ones do not. In the same search you can also likely find how much space you can expect a given app to take up on your phone.

Not every online casino has a downloadable app in order to make gambling on your Android possible, but many still allow you to play from your phone or tablet anyway. If you want to play at a site that does not have an official mobile app, one thing you can do is find an online casino that supports a mobile website. The different between mobile websites and the actual ones you use on your computer is that mobile ones are much simpler in order to be accessed from your phone or tablet. So long as you have a decent connection you will be able to play your favorite online casino games from your Android device much like the people who can download the apps can.

Best Android Friendly Casinos

As for playing real casino games on Android phones, we would recommend CasinoEuro or for US players, try Winpalace and their new mobile site. These recommendations are based on all the areas we are covering in this article.


Whenever you want to gamble online, it goes without saying that you are going to have to make a deposit and eventually a withdrawal. More often than not these activities cannot be completed on your phone and instead you will need to go to an actual computer in order to complete the transaction.

In this department as well a little bit of research will tell you exactly how you can deposit on to an online casino, the accepted deposit methods, and just how long it will take until your money is in your player account.

Gameplay at Android phones

The one fear that almost everyone has when they venture into the world of gambling on their Android device is that of gameplay. They worry that gameplay will be slow, choppy, and filled with problems. While this is true for some sites and apps, it is not true for a majority of them.

Though the graphics and gameplay on a mobile online casino will not be nearly as advanced as what you will find on an actual computer, you will not be disappointed. The main thing you have to worry about when playing at mobile casinos is that of the cell reception you have. An app and a web browser are only as good as the reception that is supporting it and so long as you have bad reception your gameplay too, will be bad.

Being on the move does not affect gameplay nearly as much as simply not having reception. If you are going to be in a place with noticeably bad cell phone reception then playing online poker or anything like it may not be a possibility. Then again, if you are in an area with bad cell phone reception, you wont be able to do a lot of things that involve your applications and the internet.

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