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EntroPay Gambling Sites and Casinos

Entropay casinosAmong all the ways to deposit into a real money gambling site, EntroPay might not be the most commonly known, but it’s still very useful for certain players. Let’s have a closer look at how EntroPay works and which casinos and betting sites that accepts this method for banking.

Since a few years back, after some time of slow banking methods such as checks etc, online casinos began accepting credit and debit cards as a method of deposit, which made the lives of online casino-goers incredibly easy. Now they did not have to worry about waiting weeks at a time before the money they deposited to show up in their player account because these transactions happened immediately. After a while many credit card companies backed out of accepting transactions having to do with online casinos because of legal issues that they could potentially face in countries around the world, but especially in the United States.

Now that credit card transactions were not the easiest way to deposit anymore, players looked for the next easy solution for depositing funds. One of those solutions was the EntroPay card. This card works like a debit or credit card, but is much more anonymous and happens immediately. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea as to how EntroPay works as well as highlight some of the benefits that you can derive from said service.

How it Works – Entro Pay

Entropay cardIf you have ever used a gift card or prepaid credit card before in your life, you will be happy to know that EntroPay is a lot like both. When you receive your EntroPay card you will only need to use the 16 digit pin on the card in order to make a deposit.
You can add money to your EntroPay card by way of your credit or debit card. Adding money to your card is simple, fast, and will cause you little to no headaches at all. The great thing about EntroPay is that it allows you to deposit money to an online casino as freely as you wish without ever having to give away personal banking information.

The one overriding fear that many online casino-goers have is that they will supply an online casino or other related entity with their banking information only to be taken advantage of and put in a situation that no one wants to be put in. EntroPay gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your financial information is safe while offering you the ease of access and ability to deposit that you desire.

Before you go ahead and assume that the online casino you wish to play at accepts deposits via EntroPay, it would be a wise decision to go to the site and check out their banking options. Most reputable online casinos offer a slew of deposit options, but not every online casino accepts EntroPay.

What is the best EntroPay Casino/Betting Site?

There are a number of sites accepting this method of payment, however we would recommend Bet365 Casino as they are a proven site with basically all your gambling needs in one account.

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