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Neteller Gambling Sites and Casinos

This article will cover one of most commonly used deposit methods for online casinos, namely Neteller, an e-wallet with great transactions costs and a very convenient Net+ Mastercard that get your winnings straight out to cash in your local ATM.

Read more to find out more about Neteller, how it works as a payment method, and where to find the best casinos and betting sites that accepts Neteller as an option for payments.

Neteller CasinoIn the early days of online casinos, the main way players were able to make a deposit was by way of check or money order. These deposit methods were convenient enough, but they took such a long time to process and show up in your account. Desperate for an easier way to make a deposit, both online casinos and the players that populated them cried out for some change. This change came in the form of online casinos then being able to accept credit card deposits. Credit card deposits were much more immediate and convenient than mailing a check in the mail and for this reason players started using them much more often than your average, check deposit.

After a while, especially in the United States, credit card companies began fearing the law and many decided to stop accepting transactions having to do with online casino sites. At first not all credit card companies denied these types of transactions, but after a few key legislative events in the United States, credit card deposits for a large majority of players was a near impossible task.

Left with few options, players began to become increasingly frustrated at the fact that it was much more difficult than it should be to deposit funds to an online casino and begin playing. Answering the call of distress put out by internet casino-goers, Neteller and other e-wallets like it began offering their services to online casino patrons.

Neteller – How it Works

I am sure you know how check deposits work at online casinos, but e-wallet deposits are a bit different than them. First of all, they are different because they are much faster and significantly easier to partake in. If you have never heard of Neteller and are wondering what you can liken it to, go no further than PayPal. PayPal is easily the world’s most popular e-wallet, but it is in no way the only one. There are more e-wallets that exist than most people are even able to fathom and for this reason it is important to discuss each one and how they might differ from others.

In general, however, e-wallets work mostly all in the same way. Because most people do not feel comfortable giving an online casino their banking information, they are discouraged from playing online casino games for real money. While most online casinos today operate within the law and are quite ethical, the popular myth that online casinos are evil still circulates more than it should.
E-wallets avoid forcing you to give your private information to online casinos and thus give you the peace of mind you deserve. Neteller works by forcing you to make an account on their website.

Signing up is easy and takes little to no time at all. In your sign up you will have to supply a lot of information, but none more important than your banking and/or debit card information. Once you have that supplied, assuming all has gone smoothly, you will be able to freely move money from your bank account to your Neteller account and vice versa. The great thing about these kind of e-wallets is that all movement of funds tends to happen immediately. This is not true for every movement of money you partake in, but is true for the most part.

Once you have your Neteller account set up and your player account on the betting site is also set up, depositing funds should be quite easy and straightforward. Be sure to read up on both Neteller’s site and the online casino itself to make sure of any and all minimum deposit amounts and/or maximum deposit amounts. You must remember that every online casino is different and just because one site has one minimum deposit amount, it does not mean that the others will too.

Which Casinos Accept Neteller

Nowadays, basically all gaming sites will accept Neteller deposits, apart from US citizens. We recommend heading over to our casino guide to find the best suited casino for you, as they all gladly take payments via this method.


All in all if you give e-wallet deposits such as those you can partake in via Neteller a chance, I am sure that you will end up enjoying their ease quite a bit. No waiting times, no personal information revealed, these are just two facets of e-wallet depositing that makes it so much better than checks, credit cards, and/or bank wires.

If the casino you are attempting to play at does not accept Neteller, check out their banking section and see what e-wallets they do accept. I have yet to come across a real money online casino that doesn’t accept at least one type of e-wallet.

Another important thing to keep in mind before depositing any money is the fact that not all means of deposit are going to be viable means of withdrawing funds. This is a somewhat tricky aspect of most online casinos and happens much more than you would think. Any online casino’s banking page will be able to give you a much better idea as to what are accepted forms of deposit as well as what are acceptable forms of withdrawal. Any online casino that leaves you in the dark should be avoided if at all possible.

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