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Online Casino Banking Options for South America

Casinos and the games that are played at them have long been popular in all sorts of cultures. While we know the Americans are known for the development of the popular Texas Hold’em poker game that is now loved by people all over the world, we often fail to mention any places in the world besides the US and Europe when it comes to casino-goers. Perhaps forgotten more than any other part of the world is South America with its huge populations.

Still, the gambling world online is far from the US, European or Asian gambling markets, but it’s slowly growing and most likely we will see an increase in South American casino action in the near future.

South AmericaWhile casinos have been popular there for a decent amount of time, South Americans were never as in love with casino games as other parts of the world. This all changed for South Americans in the early 1990s when online casino began to pop up into existence. Online casinos not only made it easier for those who loved casino games to play, it also introduced many of these games to a younger audience who would have likely overlooked casino games had they not been brought to the internet.

Nowadays there are few places in the world with people who love online casinos more than South Americans. As you are well aware, you cannot start playing at online casinos for real money until you make a deposit of money into your player account. Thanks to the fact that you live in today’s world, depositing money online is very simple, not only that, but there are many ways to do it as well. The purpose of this article is to walk you through and explain the different types of deposit methods that are available to South Americans who would like to play decent games at online casinos.


This is a method not much known in the rest of the world, but it’s becoming increasingly popular among South American gamblers. This is a service available in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Uruguay. Lobanet is an online payment solution that works well together with the local banking services in these countries. Read more about using Lobanet at online casinos.


The first option and method of deposit that ever existed was that of a check. Before the internet was as advanced as it is today, writing out a check and mailing it to the online casino you wish to play at was the only way you could actually begin playing for real cash. In the 1990s this method of deposit seemed great because it was as easy as putting a check in the mail. Nowadays the sentiment is different mostly because there are plenty of other ways by which you can make a real money casino deposit to your player account. With that being said, it in no way means that you cannot deposit via a check. Nearly every online casino in existence accepts checks as a form of deposit.

The main drawback to depositing via a check is the fact that it takes such a long time. You have to remember that when you send a check in a mail to be accepted and deposited by an online casino, it is often not just travelling around the block, but rather, around the world. This simple fact means that the transit time of your check may be up to a week and sometimes even longer which can be extremely inconvenient. In addition, when the check finally does reach its end destination, it could take even longer for it to be processed and show up on your account online. If you do not mind waiting and are in no rush to play, then a check would not be a bad idea as minimal fees are incurred via this deposit method, but if time is of the essence I would shy away from check deposits if I were you.

The great thing about check deposits is that you are in complete control and if you feel something fishy is afoot you can cancel the check at any time, something that is not so easily done with bank transfers or e-wallet transfers.

Bank Wires

Another way to deposit real money onto an online casino is by way of bank wire. Bank wire works by linking your land-based bank account to your player account on your online casino. After providing a few pieces of key information you simply verify the amount of money you would like to send to your player account and within a matter of minutes you will be able to play.

The one downside that many people find with bank wire deposits is that you have to supply the online casino with your bank account info; something that not everyone is comfortable doing. Another downside lies in the fact that most online casinos require you to deposit a minimum amount or to not exceed a maximum amount if you want to deposit via bank wire. Be sure to check with your online casino beforehand to make sure that the amount you want to deposit is acceptable and able to be done.

This is also a bit of a time-wasting method, especially for withdrawals, we would instead go for…


While the term “e-wallet” may come across as confusing to you, it will make much more sense in a second. An example of an e-wallet is services such as PayPal, Neteller or Skrill. If you are able to sign up at one of these, it would be a strongly recommended method.

E-wallets work by linking your bank account to the e-wallet which is then linked to the online casino itself. The e-wallet middleman acts more or less like an online bank account. People love this service because it helps them avoid giving the online casino any personal information that they might not want falling into the wrong hands.

E-wallets also tend to carry minimum and maximum deposit amounts, so it is important that you check up on this before attempting to actually make a deposit.

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