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Switch Card Deposits

Switch Card CasinosIf you have ever owned or used a debit card you will be able to quickly understand what a Switch Card is and how it works. At first the Switch Card was issued to people in the United Kingdom by the Royal Bank of Scotland in 2002. As time passed it then merged with Maestro and is now part of the MasterCard organization. The glory of Switch Cards is that they can be trusted as they are part of one of the biggest credit/debit card companies in the world.

What separates Switch Cards from many other debit cards is that you can use these cards to withdraw from ATMs, but you can also use them to deposit funds into your online casino player account safely and securely. Furthermore, people are so attracted to Switch Cards because instead of separating your everyday banking from your casino banking, like most other e-wallets and the like do, your online casino activity is side-by-side your other banking activities.

The purpose of the following few sections is to explain how Switch Cards work in regards to online casinos as well as the upsides and downsides of using such a service. If you had no idea what Switch Cards were before this article, by the time you are done reading, you will be an expert.

How it Works

Switch Cards work in a fairly simple, easy to explain fashion. By this time you are probably aware that most online casinos accept a variety of different debit cards, and Switch is one of the most popularly used debit cards in the world. Once you have your own Switch Card it is easy to get started.

All you have to do is go to the online casino which you wish to play at, download the software and when you are prompted to choose a method through which you are able to deposit choose debit/credit card. Typically after this step you will have to confirm your Switch Card with the site you are playing at; a step that takes no more than a few moments. After your card is registered with your online casino you will then need to specify how much money you wish to deposit and once it comes time to finalize the deposit you will then have to confirm. This whole process should take no more than a few minutes which really speaks to how easy Switch Cards are to use.

Any subsequent deposits will take place in the same fashion and perhaps the greatest news of all is that your money will be transferred from your bank account to your online player account instantly; no more do you have to wait days on end for transactions to be processed and finally show up in your account.

Drawbacks using Switch Card

One of the most major drawbacks of using a Switch Card is the fact that players from the United States are not able to take advantage of this service. There are other similar debit card services available to those from the US but for the time being Americans will be left out of the Switch Card revolution.

Another drawback you may encounter when using a Switch Card is the fact that there are different deposit limits depending on the casino you choose to play at. You will have to check out the terms and conditions of the online casino you play at but these limitations can be extremely frustrating for players. Often your transactions must be $20 or larger, but this is not the part that angers people. What really gets on some players nerves is the fact that some casinos cap their Switch Card deposits at around or under $1,000 at a time. If you are not playing casino games at a high level this will likely not annoy you at all, but there are plenty of people who wish to deposit $5,000 or more at once and Switch Cards sometimes prevent them from doing so.


Now that we have the negative aspects of using a Switch Card to deposit funds onto an online casino laid out in the open, it is only right that we talk about the upsides. For one, the gambler that has gotten himself, or is at risk of getting himself, into financial trouble can be rest assured that Switch Cards are unlike credit cards in that you can only deposit as much money as is in your bank account. For example, if you are trying to deposit $2,000 and you have less than that amount in your land-based bank account the transaction will simply not go through.

Another positive you will quickly experience when using a Switch Cards is the benefit of making use of one of the largest credit companies in the world, MasterCard. Because Switch Cards are part of the MasterCard network you have the assurance that your financial info and transactions are treated with the utmost discretion and security. If you ever have any type of problem with your Switch Card you have the luxury of being able to contact MasterCard’s experienced and helpful customer service staff.

Finally, one of the last plusses that can be derived by the use of a Switch Card is the fact that most online casinos allow you to not only deposit via this method, but withdraw through it too. This saves the average player a lot of trouble because many sites that allow a given method of deposit force you to withdraw via a completely different method. This is just one more reason why people are choosing to do their banking with Switch Cards more and more frequently.

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