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Online Casino Banking Options in the USA

Without the ability to deposit real money into your player account, playing online casino games would not be possible. If you are living in the United States you will quickly learn that depositing money onto an internet casino is not as easy now as it was only a few years ago. Thanks to some unwanted legislation by the government, many online casinos have fled the United States, and the ones that still exist are forced to make your life more difficult as a result.

With all that being said, it must be mentioned that gambling for real money in the United States is fully possible and depositing money onto those sites is not nearly as difficult as I might have just made it sound.

Deposit Options at WinPalaceThe purpose of this article is to introduce you to all the banking options available to those playing at online casinos from a location within the United States. Though some sites might make depositing and withdrawing difficult, plenty do not, and even more offer such a wide variety of banking options that it becomes easier and easier.

The image shows you the deposit options at Win Palace Casino, one of the best casino sites for US players.


Perhaps the oldest way of depositing money to an online casino is by way of check. If you are at an online casino that accepts checks as a form of deposit, you need to go and find out who the check should be made out to as well as where you should send it. Nowadays online casinos make this information very easy to find as to make your life easier.

Checks are amongst the most secure ways of making an online casino deposit because you are in complete control. You have the ability to cancel the check when you want and know that it cannot be stolen by some unknown person over the internet. The main downside to a deposit via check is the fact that it takes so long to process and show up in your player account. Keep in mind that most times you will be sending your deposit check to a very far away location which means that postage transit time alone can take up to and over a week. When your check finally does get there, you have no idea what their processing times are. Some sites are efficient and will deposit your check the day it shows up, but other sites have such a high volume of checks and mail coming in, there might be some lag in your deposit time.

Usually the time tables for a check deposit will be listed on the site itself under banking options as to give you a better idea as to when you can expect the money you deposited to show up in your player bankroll.

Bank/Wire Transfer

Another option for depositing money to an online casino is by way of a bank or wire transfer. This deposit method works by linking up your online poker account directly to your bank account. The name basically explains what happens in that when you register your bank account, it is literally a few clicks of the mouse before money has moved from your bank into your player account. Unlike depositing via a check, which can take weeks before it shows up, bank wires show up almost immediately.

A downside to bank wires is that they have minimum and maximum deposit amounts, meaning that if you want to deposit below or above a certain amount of money you might just be out of luck. Like the transaction times on check deposits will likely be listed on the online casino’s website, the minimum and maximum deposit amounts will also be listed for bank wires.


If you see the name e-wallet and have no idea what that could possibly mean, you probably will in a second. Though the term “e-wallet” may be foreign to you, the name PayPal probably isn’t. That is because PayPal is a type of e-wallet, but contrary to popular belief it is not even close to being the only e-wallet in the world.

There are plenty that exist and not every online casino accepts the same ones another did. E-wallets are popping up all the time and each one has its own, unique offering. The two most common E-Wallets are Neteller and Skrill (former Moneybookers).

E-wallets work by linking your bank account to an online bank account which is the e-wallet itself. You can then use this online bank account to transfer money into your player account on the online casino website. The benefit to using an e-wallet as opposed to a bank wire is the fact that your bank information is never disclosed to the online casino. Though most modern online casinos are ethical companies and operate within the law, people are still justifiably untrustworthy when it comes to giving your personal information to just anyone. Using an e-wallet gives those who are uncertain security knowing that their personal information is safe and sound.

What about the Future?

It is still very unsure what will happen with gambling transactions and “legal” online casinos in the US in the near future, however there is some progression and as we have mentioned earlier, there are still enough options to keep you going, luckily.

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