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High Stakes Online Poker

When people hear the words “online poker” they typically envision only one type of game. In reality however, there are many different types of poker and with that being said there are also many different levels at which you can play the games too. High stakes poker is reserved for those out there who play poker at its highest level. What I mean by this is that high stakes players are wagering more money per hand than any other level of player (micro, low, medium, and high stakes).

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If you are new to high stakes poker or would simply like to know more about the most exciting level at which to play poker, the following few sections are just what you need.

Not Accepting of US Players

Because of ongoing legal battles in the United States, most of the extremely popular online poker skins have ceased offering their services in the US. This is because, while online poker exists in a legal grey area in the States, sites operating within its borders running the risk of being attacked by the US legal system. This happened in 2011 and the result was that some of the biggest names in online poker were put out of business.

While there are still high stakes offering their services to players from the US, the amount of sites in the field has thinned considerably from what it was just a few years prior.

High Stakes Poker at PokerStars

PokerStars is one of the most popular names in all of online poker so it comes as no surprise that they are also one of the biggest names in high stakes poker as well. Before the collapse of Full Tilt, PokerStars had been the second most popular high stakes poker site in existence. After Full Tilt went out of business it was only right that PokerStars assumed the title of being the best place to play high stakes poker for real money online.

The reason PokerStars is arguably the most popular place to play high stakes poker is because of the amount of traffic it receives on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Their high volume of player traffic means that you will never have a tough time finding a game and at the same time you will always be matched with competitive players. Some other sites have higher stakes than the $50/$100 ceiling at PokerStars, but nearly everyone who comes to play high stakes at PokerStars tends to play $50/$100 blinds.

High stakes tournaments are also popular at PokerStars, so whether you are a cash or tournament player they will have something to suit your needs.

High Stakes Poker at Titan Poker

Titan poker is yet another great outlet for high stakes players as it provides a high contrast from PokerStars. As opposed to PokerStars, who is arguably the most well-known poker skin in the world, Titan Poker is a smaller name who is not trafficked by nearly as many people as PokerStars is.

Despite having a fairly small amount of weekly player traffic, Titan Poker still calls itself a high stakes poker outlet because many of the players who come to the site come there solely to play at the high stakes level. While they used to at one point, Titan Poker no longer accepts sign-ups from players residing outside of the US. Something that gets a lot of players through the door is the fact that Titan boasts a sign up bonus that is 200% up to $1000, making it one of the best and largest sign-up bonus in all of online poker.

High Stakes Poker at Party Poker

Party Poker is yet another online skin that has been around since the early days of online poker. Like most sites that have been in existence for this long, they have a large and loyal fan base that is comprised of players of varying skill levels. Of particular interest to most players at Party is high stakes poker which is amongst the highest trafficked of all stakes levels on the site.

If Party Poker’s high stakes poker was not worth playing, they would not still offer it. Party is yet another site that does not offer its services to players from the US.


Whenever you are giving out your financial information and playing online poker for real money one of every player’s main concerns is the security of both information and funds. The reality is that most reputable sites, like the ones mentioned above, operate at the highest level of security. Sites that do not have high security standards are often figured out and disregarded by players quickly.

With today’s advances in technology, word spreads fast, and if a site is being shady or allowing hackers, players will find out about it and stay away from the site. To quell any fears you may have you should simply play at a highly reputable site that has an extensive safety record. You can find out the most highly secure sites by reading reviews of the various online poker sites out there.

Example of High Stakes Online Poker

Loyalty Programs for High Rollers in Poker

Poker for High RollersWhenever you sign up at a poker site, that site wants more than anything else to keep you coming back as a customer. One way they insure that you will continue to return to play hands at their site is by offering you a chance to be part of a loyalty program. Basically, loyalty programs work by recording how much you play and rewarding you for it.

In most cases you receive some sort of points for every real money hand you play in (usually excluding tournaments) and after you earn enough points you can put them to work for you. At most sites, once you earn enough points you can use them to enter into tournaments or even make purchases in the online store. The nature of your loyalty program depends solely on the site you choose to play at as no two high stakes poker loyalty programs are the same.

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