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Online Slots

Online video slots or sometimes called pokies have become the go to game for gamblers across the globe. Their ease of use and fun game play has led them to be one of the hottest commodities on the market. Many of these slots come in various forms that can range from theme based to progressive jackpots.

If you’re looking to jump in the pool and start playing along with millions of already happy slot players, this article will serve as your guide to online slots. It will cover everything from how to play them, where to play them and even some basic tips along with much more. So let’s get started with how to play online video slots.

How to Play Online Video Slots

The very first step to playing online slots is to find a site that offers them. This should be quite easy as you will find hundreds, if not thousands of sites to choose from. To make your life easy, we’ve hand-picked two of the best online casinos for both American players and the rest of the world.

Now that you have a casino to play at, you will need to create an account. This is done by filling in some minor details such as your name and address. You will also likely need to come up with a unique username that sets you apart from the other members of the site. Get creative and come up with something that fits your personality.

Muse SlotsTo access the online slots, you will need to install the casinos software. This is completely free and easy to do. Click on the download link and the install will automatically begin. A few simple clicks of the mouse will have you ready to go in a few short minutes.

Once you’ve created the account and downloaded the casinos software, it’s time to start playing slots. Navigate your way to the slots lobby which will be clearly labeled in the casinos software and find a slot to your liking. You can browse the selection of games right on the main site to help you get an idea of what slot you may want to play. Sometimes you can even access the game right from the home page, but well get to that in a second.

Opening up the slot is a simple as clicking on it. Much like you would do to open a document on your computer. This will open the screen where you can actually play the slot you want.

To control the game, you will click on the various buttons that activate all aspects of the game. Most online slots have all the buttons laid out at the bottom with easy to see and use labels. There will be a button to select the number of coins to play, lines to play and of course a spin button.

That’s the basics of playing online video slots and you should now have no problems accessing and playing all of your favorite games. If you have any problems or questions, there will be in game tutorials and help sections that have all the rules and controls for easy reference.

No Download and Mobile Online Video Slots

I mentioned that you can access many of the slots you find online directly from the main site of the casino. This is done by using a flash or instant play version of the casinos software. There is no download needed and all games can be played with the click of a button, right from your browser.

This option works great for those who use a Mac or other non-Windows computer. It’s also nice for those who want instant action and do not want to install any type of programs.

However, it’s recommended to download the software if possible. This is because many of the flash versions will not have the best graphics or even all of the slots available to play. To get the full benefits of the casino, you should download the software if you can.

Different Slot Networks

Most casinos offering slot games, are part of a network such as Microgaming, Playtech, Netent or the more recently introduced Sheriff Gaming slots that focuses more on nice graphics.

As a player, there is no great need to learn about who is offering what etc, except if you really like the games provided by a certain operator network. Our personal favorites are Net Entertainment Slots and we also like the cool 3D slots over at Sheriff.

For US players, the best choice by far would be the RTG slot machines offering the “Real Series slots” and are available at all of the US recommended casinos on our site.

Mobile Slots

iPad SlotsMost casinos are beginning to offer a mobile application that lets their members play slots right from their iPhone, iPad or other internet ready device.

The image shows the Tomb Raider slot over at SpinPalace, played on an iPad.

To do this, you will need to install the application on your device which can be found on the casinos website. This application is free to use and allows access to many of the same slots that you will find in the regular casino. Some casinos even offer mobile only bonuses. So even if you don’t need to play on your mobile device, you should take advantage of these bonuses by doing so.

Where to Play Online Video Slots

You can’t find a much better online casino than Spin Palace. They have been in business for over a decade and use one of the best gaming platforms in Microgaming. This award winning software ensures that you will have the best possible slot experience.

Their slot selection is packed with jackpots and theme based slots that include The Hulk, Thor and many other popular movie and pop-culture icons.

To make Spin Palace even better, they give all new players a welcome bonus worth up to $1,000. Once a member, you can continue to reap the rewards with their highly lucrative VIP program that awards players with points every time they play a real money slot game. These points are used to exchange in for cash bonuses that can be as much $10,000 a month for the highest volume players.

Spin Palace can be played using the free download software, instant play or on many mobile devices using the mobile application.

For more tips from about the best various online casinos, click here.

Online Video Slots in the USA

American players still have plenty of options to play online video slots, but the best place by far is-Winpalace. They have a nice selection of slots that includes over 50 of the best titles, many of which come with progressive jackpots.

Winpalace has a unique bonus offer just for slots players. Earn up to $3,000 with their 300% match deposit bonus. You must enter bonus code WINSLOTS to claim this bonus.

If a huge library of slots and a massive bonus isn’t enough for you, Winpalace has one of the best support teams around. Access one of their friendly and helpful staff 24/7 with their toll free number, e-mail or live chat feature.

Online Slots for Real Money

Most online slots can be played for free or real money. If you’re new to playing slots online you may want to start off with the free versions until you get used to the controls and how it all works.

For those looking to cash in and have some real fun, you’ll want to head right for the real money slots. But first you will need to fund your account. This is rather easy and much the same as buying your favorite product from an online store.

Inside the casinos software or on the main site, you will find a cashier. This is where all financial transactions will take place. You will see a list of deposit options that you can choose from once inside. Simply select the option that works best for you and enter how much you wish to deposit.

Most options will have a minimum and maximum amount to deposit within a certain time period, but this will be clearly displayed inside the cashier.

Deposit Options for playing Slots

Your deposit options will vary from place to place, especially for Americans. Here is a list of the most commonly used methods for non-U.S. players.

Credit Cards
Gift Cards
Bank Transfers
Wire Transfers
E-Wallets (Neteller, Skrill, Click2Pay, more….)
U.S. Deposit Options
Visa/MasterCard in some cases
Visa Gift Cards
Wire Transfers
Cashier’s Check

You will need to have all of your personal details filled out in order to complete a transaction. This will include your address, name and other information so that the casino knows who you are. Some sites may require you to send in documentation to verify your identity. This could be in the form of a government issued photo i.d. and a recent bill with your current address. This is a standard practice that helps to secure identity and make sure no one else tries to use your name.

Now that you’ve successfully funded your account, it’s time to start playing slots for real money.

When you find a slot to play, your funds will be available as soon the slot screen opens. You can select how much you want to play each spin by using the coin selector buttons. Different slots will have different coin values, so be sure you know how much the slot you are playing costs. This can be found in the lobby or right at the bottom of the slot screen.

Slots Tournaments

An exciting way to play slots online is slots tournaments. A tournament costs a single entry fee and puts you up against other players in a time, or spin based tournament. Once the game starts, players will have a set number of spins, or a certain time to win as much as they can. The winner is the one with the most winnings at the end.

The entry fee used to enter the tournament will make up the prize pool, and depending on how many players entered will determine how the money is distributed.

These are great way to get a ton of spins for a onetime fee. You can also win a good amount of money for this small fee.

General Slot Tips

Always play the maximum number of lines and coins for each spin

Play within your bankroll

Avoid silly slots tips such as playing 1 coin then 2, then 3. There are countless myths about slots floating around that are all bullocks.

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