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RTG (Real Time Gaming) Slots Review

RTG, or Real Time Gaming, is a software company based out of both Atlanta (USA) and Costa Rica which was first founded in 1999. They are an incredibly reputable seeing as they have been in the business for well over ten years. Software companies that can’t be trusted are typically ousted from the industry in no time at all.

While RTG has a wide array of games to offer, it is most notable for its slot games. Since they are releasing new slot games all the time, players rarely ever get tired of RTG’s offering. Since RTG has been operating in the United States since before the legislation known as UIGEA passed, they are one of the few remaining software providers who is still able to offer its real money services in the United States.

In 2007, RTG was acquired by Hastings International for a handsome sum.

This article will delve a little deeper into just what makes Real Time Gaming such a great company.

Games Offered by RTG

RTGLike any good software provider, RTG offers a large variety of games and slot machines. Nowadays you will find RTG software employed by some of the best online casinos in the world and more often than not this software will be accompanied by some of the best and most generous bonuses in the business.

You already know that RTG has a seemingly endless supply of slot games, but something that you might not be aware is the fact that they also offer blackjack and baccarat as two of their headlining games. Both games can be found on scores of different online casinos and seeing as they have been around for a while, their odds are fair and the gameplay is fast.

Recently, RTG released its Real Series of slots and while this was not anticipated to be a huge release, it took the online casino world by storm. This is yet another addition to their long-standing offering of slot games. The Real Series’ incredibly lifelike graphics take slots to a whole new level. In the past, as recently as only a few years ago, most software providers did not care about the graphics so long as the game functioned. Now, in light of increased competition among software providers, a player is able to choose slots not only based on which one will win him money the fastest, but also based upon the graphics behind them. If you do not believe me, I suggest you check out the Real Series slot games for yourself.

In addition to slots, RTG also offers a variety of poker game in order to satisfy any type of player. RTG cannot afford to be a one-dimensional software provider, which is why we see the company dipping its toes in all sorts of different games.

RTG Slots on Mobile

A big news in 2013 is the addition of mobile/iPad casino sites for their slot games. For now, only one casino has adapted this to their offerings, which is, but more will surely be on the way. As of June 2013, 5 games are available, namely these;

rtg slots
Builder Beaver Slot
Caesar’s Empire Slot
Coyote Cash Slot
Goldbeard Slot
Cleopatra’s Gold Slot

Software Reliability

Another huge thing to pay attention to when deciding between different online gaming software providers is the reliability of the games they offer. No player wants to experience choppy, laggy gameplay as this seriously detracts from your overall experience at an online casino.

As a whole RTG offers fast, smooth, and high quality software. Not only are the graphics for nearly all their games second to none, loading takes little to no time at all, and once your game is loaded you very rarely experience and stoppages in play or interruptions.

If you do not believe anything I am conveying, just do a quick internet search and you will find, in no time, countless reviews by players who were more than satisfied with their experience at Real Time. There are few other software providers in the world who are as loved by their players as RTG is.

With a wide selection of games and an extreme level of graphics and quality, it is no surprise that RTG has reached the level of popularity which they are at now. Very few shotty software providers are able to stay in business very long, and since RTG has been in business for well over ten years, that too speaks to how reputable they are. There are countless other sources that will back up anything and everything I am saying about RTG. There are simply very few software providers superior to RTG, and that is just fact.

For those of you that wish to know more, I recommend following RTG on Twitter or visit the official site.

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