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Builder Beaver Slot Review

Builder Beaver is a great slot game for anyone who loves the outdoors yet doesn’t want to actually spend a lot of time out there. The American wilderness is something that not even every American gets to see, and Builder Beaver will at least take you there fictionally. Like every other RTG slot game, this one sports great graphics as well as a theme that is unmatched by just about any other site.

It isn’t solely beavers that the game focuses in on either, also included are bears, raccoons, and many other animals that are most notably from the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The game is tied together by the loving Mrs. Beaver and her array of snacks that she is constantly whipping up. Not only do the animals set the tone for this game, but the wilderness sounds you hear as you take spins makes you feel like you are pulling the lever in the middle of the rainy Northwest. The Beavers are even owners of Beaver Logging Company where their chomping and sawing help them not only build their own home but supply logs for other people’s homes as well.

This game is a very imaginative take on how things actually happen in the forest. While the theme is something that keeps people coming back, it is the game itself that brings in the real players and keeps them there. The following few sections will delve a bit deeper into how this game works as to give you a better understanding before you ever have to pull the lever with your own money at risk.

Builder Beaver Slot
Hitting a decent win in the Builder Beaver slot

Features of the Builder Beaver Slot

Builder Beaver is a five-reel, twenty five payline progressive slot game. What makes it different than a lot of other slot games is the fact that its designers added in a number of other features that simply make the game more exciting than it would be without them.

Some of these features include wilds, scatters, free spins, and a slew of multipliers which do well to improve your chances of winning some prize money considerably. While each and every one of the aforementioned features gives the player a chance to win some cash, you cannot reap their benefits without first choosing the amount you would like to wager. Builder Beaver is great in this regard because they offer a betting range that is suitable for just about any type of slot players. With a betting range of $0.01 to $25, and a coin betting range of $0.01 to $1, everyone besides the super high rollers are able to enjoy Builder Beaver.

Betting within any of these ranges gives the player not one, but two, chances of hitting a progressive jackpot that is always rising as you spin. Some slots do not offer even one progressive jackpot, but Builder Beaver offers two. The maximum cash jackpot is $10,000 while the maximum coin jackpot is 10,000 coins.
Other Features

Some of the symbols that are good to know before playing Builder Beaver are that the Beaver symbol is a wild, meaning that it can take the place of any other symbol on the reel. The signpost works as a scatter ad if you get three or more of either a beaver or signpost you will be able to indulge in free spins. If this happens, you will get a round of 12 free spins where the Beaver now acts as a 3x multiplier on any money you win. This generous feature can be used again and again so long as you keep hitting the right symbols.

That is just a taste of the special feature offered at Builder Beaver, sit down and try the game out for yourself to see just how many chances you have of winning. This is unlike so many other slot games because it seems as though you win more than you lose.

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