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Dr. Magoo’s Adventure Slot Machine

Dr. Magoo’s Adventure is yet another fascinatingly 3-D slot game offered by the up and coming Sheriff Gaming company. The slot boasts many opportunities for bonuses and other prizes as well as a non-progressive jackpot that is a lot more than other comparable games. With almost a 95% payout rate it seems like it is harder to lose than it is to win when playing Dr. Magoo’s Adventure.

The purpose of this article is to give you a better idea as to all the ins and outs of this spectacular game. Hopefully this will convince you that taking a spin or two on this game will be well worth your time.

Dr. Magoo’s Adventure for Real Money

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Dr. Magoo’s Adventure Theme

Dr. Magoo’s SlotsThe theme of this game is an Indiana Jones-esque journey undertaken by a curious Dr. Magoo. The intro sees Magoo land on a deserted island to quickly discover that there is likely a lot of valuable treasure hidden in this tropical paradise. Much to Magoo’s dismay, the treasure is not simply sitting on a sandy beach waiting to be scooped up, but rather hidden within the depths of an ancient temple that is found deep within the jungle depths. Much like any other Sheriff Gaming slot game, Dr. Magoo’s Adventure lacks very little as far as excitement goes.

There are a number of different symbols that can be found on the reels of this game, most of which trigger some sort of added bonus for the player. The next section will focus on the many feature available in this new and exciting slot game.

Dr. Magoo’s Adventure Features

Dr. Magoo’s Adventure is a slot game that offers 5 reels with 20 pay lines and like we said before, there is no progressive jackpot. The non-progressive jackpot, however, is worth a whopping $25,000 or 25,000 coins.

The wild symbol, if landed on, can replace any of the other reel icons as to help you win. Players love this but are a bit disheartened when they find out that there is no multiplier attached to the wild. If you land anywhere from 3 to 5 stone door symbols on an dynamic pay line you will receive 10, 15, or 25 free spins depending on how many stone doors are present. The Dr. Magoo icon works in more classic scatter fashion and if you land anywhere between 3 to 5 of them you have, yet again, the opportunity to cash in on 10 to 25 free spins.

Additional Features

One of the additional features worth mentioning is the fact that this game’s help screen seems as though it was written by someone who has never spoken English in their life. This likely will not be too big of a factor when you are playing the game, but it is something worth noting nonetheless.

No matter what language you speak it is almost completely unlikely that you will walk away from Dr. Magoo’s Adventure empty-handed; although the same cannot be said about Dr. Magoo himself.

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