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Mr. Good Online Slots by Sheriff Gaming

Even if you skip the intro to this game, you will quickly realize that Mr. Good is a direct play on the classic tale of Robin Hood. In case you were unaware the story of Robin H…, I mean, Mr. Good is one where the benevolent fox takes from the excessively rich and redistributes it to the poor. In this awesome slot game you will hopefully strike it rich very quickly thanks to the assistance of Mr. Good.

The purpose of this article is to give you a better understand as to how the Mr. Good slot game works so that you can make a more informed decision to play the game or not. This is one of my personal favorite slot games offered by Sheriff Gaming and I will explain why.

Mr. Good Slot for Real Money

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Mr. Good Theme

Mr Good Slot GameLike already alluded to, Mr. Good is a spin-off of the classic tale of Robin Hood. The fox in this game is actually known as Robin and he will help you on your journey to winnings especially because landing on him will give you the opportunity to win extras.

There is more than just a fox, however, as some of the other symbols include a tiger named King John, a castle, bags of gold, and many more. Unlike other Sheriff slots, where you may have the volume turned up to full blast, the noises in this game are on the annoying side. The fox, Robin, makes high-pitched noises on nearly every spin of the reels and it is clear to see how this could get annoying fast, especially if you aren’t winning.

Mr. Good Slot Features

The double-up bonus that players can participate in is a great way to attempt to reach the $5,000 (5,000 coin) non-progressive jackpot offered on Mr. Good. Once you win, which you will likely do often as the payout percentage is almost 95, you will be offered to choose whether Robin’s throw of the dice will yield an even or odd result. If you are correct in your guess your cash will be doubled up right then and there.

Another great feature offered in this game is a clickable bonus round where you can collect cash and prizes by simply clicking your mouse. To activate the clickable bonus round you have to land a wanted icon on reels 1, 3, and 5. The other bonus round, which is much harder to come across, is activated by landing 3 robin icons on reels 1 through 3. If you do get lucky enough to activate this you will be taken to the treasure vault of King John’s castle where opening a vast amount of doors will yield you prizes of all types. The round is over once the “collect” symbol appears on the screen, at which point you and your winnings will be taken back to the original game.

Additional Features on the Mr Good Slot Machine

Wilds are indicated by the King John icon and you can only benefit from them if they land on reels 2-4. Out of all the bonus features of this slot game, wilds will occur with the highest level of frequency.

Before you deposit money and play Mr Good, there is also the chance of trying out the game for free here.

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