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One Million Ants

One Million Ants by Sheriff Gaming – Ants are some of the strongest and most hard-working animals on the planet whether you choose to believe it or not, and we all know hard work usually yields good results. That is exactly what the hope is when playing the One Million Ants slot game offered by Sheriff Gaming.

As you win more and more you will help the 3-dimensional soldier ants feed their hungry and ever-growing colony. The more you win the more they eat so what are you waiting for?

One Million Ants Theme

One Million Ants SlotsAs we just touched on, the theme of this particular slot game is that of an ant colony. The graphics are astounding and so too are the sound effects, if you choose to immerse yourself in the game by pumping up the volume. You will see soldier ants scrambling to find food as a superior ant yells out commands on occasion to spur the ants, and you, to do better.

One Million Ants Features

This exciting and attractive game features 5 reels and 20 pay lines giving you plenty of chances to win. Much to the dismay of many players, this game does not feature a progressive jackpot, but this does not matter as the chances to win large amounts of cash are still abundant. The maximum winnable jackpot in both cash and coins is $25,000 (25,000 coins).

Like many other Sheriff slot games there is a double-up feature which allows you to double your winnings at any time. The way you do so is by, after you win, selecting one of two presented baskets. One of the baskets will be full of food while the other will not be, if you are lucky enough to discover the one filled with food your cash prize will be doubled. You can double your winnings as many time as you want until you lose or hit the jackpot amount.

Other Features

If you hit a troop of soldier ants on any spin, this image can be used as a wild that works with any other reel selection in the game. This is great because you are literally given endless opportunities to make the most of every spin.

If you land 3 or more picnic baskets you will be thrust into a small game that gives you the opportunity to win free spins. The free spins earned at any time during your duration at One Million Ants will only be able to be used once you are done using your purchased spins. Once all free spins are used up you will then be taken back into the normal play mode.

One Million Ants is by no means a ground-breaking concept when it comes to online casino slots, but it is a very generous game that awards players more often than most expect, which is undoubtedly part of the reason people love this new game so much.

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