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Spartania by Sheriff Gaming

Spartania, as you probably guessed, brings the power of the Roman Empire and the fun of an online slot to you directly. It is important that when you play Spartania you give it your full attention because the depiction of Julius Caesar will become visibly displeased if you get distracted even a little bit.

This game is yet another fascinatingly real money slot offered by Sheriff proving that they never skip a beat when it comes to creating the highest quality casino games.

Spartania Theme

Spartania SlotSpartania is the pride and joy of the Roman Empire as far as slots go, and because of this there is no shortage of Spartan warriors present during your playing time. While Julius Caesar had a multitude of enemies during his time of rule over Rome, he will be cheering you on with each and every spin.

This game seemingly takes you back in time to the simpler days of the Roman empire in how it is designed and how the graphics are presented. Everything depicted, whether it be warriors, the animals, or Caesar himself are active during your time playing the game and all have different reactions to different results. It truly is a fun game to play.

Spartania Theme

Spartania feature 5 reels and a whopping 30 pay lines for you to play and take advantage of. Unfortunately there is no progressive jackpot so if you are looking to win an absolutely massive jackpot by simply getting lucky you will have to check out some of Sheriff’s other slot games.

One of the most interesting features of Spartania is the double-up feature where when you win you are given the option of doubling up your winnings. The double-up feature consists of three dice that are to be rolled, all you have to do to double your winnings is guess whether the total amount of the die rolled will be odd or even. If you choose to play the game you will see Caesar place the die in gold cups and roll them for you. If your guess was correct your winnings re doubled but if they are wrong you get nothing and can consider your original winnings a tax to the high ruler, Caesar.

Additional Features

There is a multiplier circulating around during the time you play which will, if you win, multiply your dollar amount by as many as 5x and as little as 1x. Just as the average Spartan soldier needed a sturdy shield to protect him, you too can take advantage of a shield so long as it appears on the 2nd through 4th reels. If the shield appears you can use it to substitute for just about any other icon giving you an even better chance of being the victor of the slot battle.

Every Spartan needs a queen, but why not try to seduce three queens instead of just one? If you land three queens during a spin you will be introduced to the bonus round. During the bonus round you will see a table full of coins and you can click on coins until the word “collect” appears, at which point you take home all your uncovered prizes.

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