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Online Slots Tournaments

If you have been to online casinos in your life you have probably seen or at least heard of tournaments. Perhaps the most popular type of online casino tournament is a Texas Hold’em Poker tournament, but in reality there are many different casino games that can be offered in the form of a tournament. In addition to poker you can also play Blackjack tournaments and perhaps even more unknown is the fact that you can play online slots tournaments. Now you may be asking yourself, how on earth can you play a tournament with slots? This is a common question, but one that can be answered fairly simply.

Slot TournamentsThe purpose of the following few sections of this article is to explain how slot tournaments work as well as give you a little insight as to how you might possibly want to approach them. Since there is a small learning curve and slot machines are straightforward games, making it to the top of an online slot tournament is much more of a possibility than it would be if you sat down at a poker tournament for the first time ever. Not only will we explain how you should approach these tournaments, but we will also explain the upsides and possible downsides of them as well.

How They Work

You might still be curious as to just how a slot tournament might work, but in all honesty it is not vastly different than any other type of online casino tournament. When you pick the tournament you would like to participate in, you simply “sit down” at your set forth slot machine and when the time comes you begin to play. More often than not every player is given a set number of credits which are used towards spins. As you use up these credits, your winnings will be counted in a separate column. If you are required to wager 3 credits every time, and on one spin you win 10 more, you do not receive an additional ten credits. Instead, these credits act as your score which will help you work your way up the leaderboard. The goal is to have accumulated the most credits during the duration of the tournament in order to outdo the rest of the competition. Since slot machines have almost no skill attached to playing them, even the most inexperienced players can win a slot tournament if they are lucky enough.

Unlike your average slot game there are no bonus spins or anything like that in a lot of tournaments. It is really cut and dry in that you are given a set amount of spins and your goal is to turn those spins into the highest possible amount of credits in order to work your way into the best possible position on the leaderboard.

Benefits with Slots Tournaments

When talking about online poker, it is not recommended that new, beginning players participate in a tournament because the game of poker has a lot of skill tied into it. If a new, inexperienced player tries to test his luck immediately in tournament, they will likely be chewed up and spit out in a matter of no time. Slot tournaments are quite the opposite in that beginning players have just as good of a chance at winning as the player who spends day in and day out at the online slots.

Another benefit to online slot tournaments is that you are only able to lose a set amount of money. The only losses that you can possibly post are that of the entry fee. If you do not place in a cashing out position, the maximum amount of cash that you might lose is the amount which you paid in order to enter the tournament. This is different than simply playing the slots at an online casino because with each spin of the machine you stand the chance to lose money. For this reason and more it is not a bad idea for beginning players to try out an online slots tournament.


One possible drawback to playing an online slot machine tournament is the fact that you may not be playing at the slot machines you want to be at. For most slot tournaments you do not get to pick the machine you play at, which for some can be more upsetting than you might think.

In addition to not being able to play at a slot machine you want to play at, some tournaments transfer you to different slots at different times throughout the tournament. This bouncing around from slot machine to slot machine is something that annoys some players and makes them not want to be caught at these arrangements.

Some people dislike online slot tournaments because the cost to enter heavily outweighs the possibility of winning. This is an inherent problem with tournaments of any type, but it is something that simply has to be dealt with.

Where to Play Slot Machine Tourneys

These games are offered at a variety of different online casinos, but some of the best places to play slot tournaments are Spin Palace or WinPalace Casino.

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