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Spain Online Gambling

Like the rest of Europe, Spain is in love with gambling. Whether it be poker, blackjack, or sports betting, Spaniards hit both the virtual and real life felt tables harder than just about anyone else. If you go back in history, Europeans are known for their love of gambling regardless of game. It makes sense too, as Spain is home to one of the world’s best footballing leagues, it would almost be a sin if wagers were not placed on some of the world’s most hotly contested matches. Unfortunately, like many other countries in Europe and around the world, Spain has fallen victim to some gambling regulations that have made playing games and placing bets much more difficult than it ever was before.

Spain Online GamblingSeeing that Spain is home to some of the best Poker and Blackjack tournaments year in and year out, it was only a matter of time before gambling at online casinos really caught on. Nowadays a crowd that is younger than ever before has taken an invested interest in online gambling and it is something that is really going places. If you need proof of this, all you have to do is look at the increasing numbers of professional poker players from Spain.

Thanks to online gambling in Spain many of these players were able to realize talents that they might have otherwise not have ever known about. The purpose of this article is to give you a better understanding of just how online betting in Spain works. Because the scene is not nearly as free as it once was, there are certain things you should know before attempting to play at online casinos in the country.

Legal Status in Spain

Unlike a lot of other countries in Europe and the world, Spain is home to gambling restrictions that have done a good job of angering those who live in the Iberian nation. Just like in Italy, it is impossible for an online casino to operate unless they have a gambling license in the nation of Spain. This seems like an easy task to accomplish until you figure out just how much a gambling license costs. This high price tag did a good job of effectively eliminating a large majority of online casinos from the Spanish market. Nowadays it is held that gambling online in Spain is overcrowded and taxed to death.

Hearing that Spanish gambling sites are overcrowded may come as a surprise to you, especially after learning that the government in the country has now made it harder for everyday people to play the gambling games they love. The reason there is such overcrowding at online casinos in Spain is because there are only a few sites having to serve millions of people. The sites that exist can simply not handle the amount of player traffic that has been seen in recent years. This frustration has caused countless people to give up on ever being able to play games like real blackjack, and roulette anywhere that isn’t a brick and mortar casino. Some more details about the Spanish gambling situation can be found at

Knowing that the Spanish online gambling market is overcrowded, you may now be wondering why site operators do not simply incur the price of a license as they know they will be able to attract players. This seems like a good idea, but part of Spain’s newest gambling law reform made it even more expensive to operate in the country. The law stated that in order for a company to apply for a license, they must pay back taxes on all the years they operated in Spain without a license. This means that not only would an online casino have to shell out millions of euros just to receive a license, but they would have to pay even more to then be eligible to offer games to players.

If you thought the situation in Italy was mind-boggling, the ongoing online casino scenario in Spain is even more frustrating. The government of Spain does not seem like they are going to budge either, because they are currently raking in millions of euros every year due to the licensing and taxation of online gambling sites.

One real money game that see, to be hard to find for Spanish citizens is live dealer casino. As far as we can see, the only one available is the live games over at 888 Casino.

Spain’s Favorite Games

Like we said before, perhaps the most popular type of gambling in all of Spain is sports betting. La Liga is arguably the world’s best football league, and because of this it makes it one of the most popular to bet on as well. Sites like Bet365 exist in Spain in order to fulfill the ever-growing sports betting need. Spain is also home to one of Europe’s best basketball leagues which is yet another thing you can add to the list of things Spanish people regularly place wagers on.

In addition to sports betting, people from Spain are also in love with Texas Hold’em poker. This game, though popularized in the United States, is now one of Spain and the world’s favorite games. Each and every year we see more and more Spanish poker pros which goes to show that even though gaming is heavily regulated, Spaniards still find a way to thrive in the industry.

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