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Greyhound Betting

Greyhound RacesGreyhound racing has been a part of British gambling culture for a very long time. Despite having to compete with the surge in betting on other sports, greyhound racing remains one of the largest spectator sports in the UK.

The sport has a strong infrastructure with tracks across the UK. As well as the solid core of punters regularly attending “the dogs”, the sport has a strong following in betting shops and increasingly through online betting. All of the necessary information is freely supplied on the internet to enable the punter to make their selection with live coverage throughout the year.

Types of Greyhound Betting

There are four main types of bet available on greyhound racing; Win, Place, Forecast and Trio. The straight win bet is by far the most popular but forecasts and trio bets can yield high returns from a relatively small outlay.

The Win bet is self-explanatory with a minimum stake of £1.00. You simply choose a trap/greyhound number to win the race and place your bet. The Place bet also has a £1 minimum stake and applies for a dog to finish first or second in the race.

The Straight Forecast bet has a minimum stake of 50 pence and requires you to name the first and second in the correct order. The Reversed Forecast is for the two dogs to finish first and second in either order, thereby requiring 2 x 50p bets and a minimum £1 total stake.

A Combination Forecast is more complicated and requires 6 x 50p bets for a £3 minimum total stake. In this instance you are naming three dogs/trap numbers, any combination of which must finish first and second to trigger a return on your investment. The Trio also requires 6 x 50p bets but you must correctly forecast the first three dogs home in any order to land the wager.

Greyhound Betting Strategies

If you have ever followed or bet on horse racing, you will have a pretty good starting point for understanding the greyhounds. Their form is all listed in a very similar way, giving track conditions, times, distances and a description of how it ran. The “remarks” section of the form guide gives details of its running style. The only thing missing is the jockey, which many punters may find a blessing!

Rather like the horses, dogs have certain characteristics. Some are fast starters that may be vulnerable in the closing stages whilst others start slowly but finish their races strongly. Once you have gained a reasonable aptitude for spotting a winner, all you need to do is bet accordingly. Of course you will need to be happy that the odds on offer represent value.

You should familiarise yourself with the class of races so that you do not blindly follow winning dogs that may be going up significantly in grade. The lower the number, the higher the class of race. Likewise, some dogs are dropped down in class if they are struggling at their current level.

Always be wary of betting on dogs that are running at a different distance than their last race. You can study their official lap times to find out if they are a fast starter or a dog more likely to appreciate a longer race. Dogs that are often fastest to the first corner can gain a big advantage in shorter races. Less experienced dogs can get into difficulties early on, particularly on wet surfaces and find themselves with too much ground to make up. The conditions can play a part in the outcome of the race as wet conditions will put greater emphasis on stamina.

Once you are happy that you have selected a dog with good form in the book and conditions in its favour, you must next obtain the best price. It is always a good idea to have more than one online account so that you can compare prices. Most bookmakers now offer great incentives including free bets for opening a new account.

It is worth taking the time to check out the service provided by several of the leading bookmakers to see which offers the best greyhound coverage.

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