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Rugby Betting

rugbyRugby is one of the most popular sports in the world and has seen a betting boom in recent years. All of the leading bookmakers now have a section devoted to Betting on Rugby covering various leagues across the globe as well as all of the Cup and International fixtures.

Rugby Betting Markets

The most popular betting markets on Rugby are similar to those on Football. The headline bets are match winner, first try scorer, last try scorer and first points scorer. There are also the outright winner markets on League and Cup Rugby. The big International competitions generate a huge increase in turnover with the live TV coverage of the Six Nations and Rugby World Cup in particular.

During any tournament, there are also markets on highest points scorer, most tries by a single player and similar for all of the top teams involved. These markets are updated match-by-match through the competition.

Bookmakers frequently chalk up handicap prices on matches such as The Super League. These work the same as they do in any other sport, whereby one side is given a points advantage and the odds drawn up accordingly.

Live Betting on Rugby

As with many other sports, the advancements in technology and high-speed broadband has opened the way for punters to bet “live” or “in-play”. The top betting sites provide special live betting sections where you can simply login and follow the fluctuating prices through the match of your choice.

Live betting on Rugby offers new markets that are not available elsewhere but the punter should first make sure that he has an excellent connection and is not viewing pictures subject to a time delay.

Rugby Betting Strategy

Another advantage of the internet is the plethora of information now available at our fingertips. Whereas punters used to have specialist knowledge or access to books and records, it is now possible to gather statistics, comments and tips free of charge. Of course this information is free to everyone so it is still a matter of trying to give yourself an edge.

Keeping right up-to-date with the latest team and injury news is essential, particularly if you intend to bet on the try or points scoring markets. Take time to read the post-match comments, particularly during the big tournaments as this will give you an insight into the confidence within the team camps.

There are many excellent specialist rugby sites that will do most of the research for you so it is well worth browsing to familiarise yourself with what is available. Once you have found a good source of information, stick with it and incorporate it into your daily routine. There are also some excellent columnists, many of them former players. When you find yourself in complete agreement with a professional there is a very good chance that you are on to a winning strategy.

If you follow a particular league, you may be keen to get involved in the handicap betting market. Occasionally you will find quite a divergence of opinion as to what advantage a side needs to even up the contest and this would be an ideal opportunity to play your hand. On rare occasions it is possible to bet on the outcome with two different bookmakers and guarantee a profit whatever the result.

Most sports betting sites now have special introductory offers for rugby enthusiasts. These are not reserved to new customers only and you should look out for money back specials. Typically these revolve around the big Tournaments and only apply for limited stakes. Of course, if you are planning on extending your choice of bookmakers, be sure to check out the best introductory offers which are often increased if there is a World Cup or Six Nations taking place.

Some of the “Free Bets” offered to new customers only apply to certain types of wager but most are available on any sports betting market and not confined to football or racing. Make sure to check the terms carefully as many punters can be caught out by convoluted terms that basically mean that you have to turn over your initial stake so many times before you can withdraw any winnings.

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