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Aug 14

A $5.1 billion deal is going to be passed through between Scientific Games Corporation and Bally Technologies. This merger is one that is approved and in the works as the paper work is drawn up. This is a definite merger agreement that both parties feel comfortable going through with. Scientific Games is going to be acquiring all of the stock from Bally for $83.30 in cash. This shows the 38 percent increase for the stock since last year, at the same time. They also are set to acquire any debt that Bally Technologies may have at the time of purchase, which is minimal since the company sold in time.

This is not the company’s first purchase in the gaming industry that was over $1 billion. The CEO of the company, Gavin Isaacs, feels that this is one of the best decisions that they have ever made. They are now able to merge two great gaming companies into one that can provide a high quality gambling experience for all of the visitors. Each company is known for their leading edge games and quality customer service support – they hope to keep this during the merge of the companies.

They are implementing new technologies on the site for the companies, as well. Not only will players have a better gaming experience, but banking, customer service and play with some of the latest technologies as they are released. They are also hoping to penetrate the global market more, expanding into the Australian market.

This is a key opportunity for both of the companies, as well as Scientific Games, to become leaders throughout the industry. Everyone is able to work together to create that one key online casino where many players want to play in. They want to provide players with the option of receiving immediate earnings, instead of having to wait weeks for their payouts. The idea that they have is that you’re not playing online, it is an experience as if you were at a true brick and mortar casino. They are waiting on the regulatory and antitrust approvals needed in order to make this dream a reality for the players.

This is going to be one of the best and biggest mergers that may have something good come of it. The casinos have extreme potential for growth throughout a diverse economy. When reaching out and expanding the audience base, they are also going to promote new systems within the platform, in hopes of obtaining the players that once played at the previous sites before they merged. Scientific Games wants to be at the top of the online gaming world, with some of the most loved, played and won games. The merger is only the beginning of what they are bringing to the Internet and the new online casino.

As for now, many casino visitors are anxiously awaiting the unveil of these new technologies, instant payouts and world class games that make you feel in the casino, rather than just sitting on your computer.

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