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Nov 13

south-koreaTwo entertainers in South Korean are being investigated for betting on sports illegally online. The two well-known comedians are Tak Jae-hoon and Lee Soo-geun and they’ve allegedly been betting billions of won online at international licensed gambling sites. The two were apparently caught in a police investigation earlier in the year. The same police sting caused another television personality named Kim Yong-man to resign from his job while he was sentenced to two years probation for illegal betting.

South Korean broadcasting company SM C&C said Soo-geun was currently being investigated by authorities and he will take a leave of absence from his television shows to think about what he has done. The broadcasting firm also apologized to people who have supported Soo-geun and didn’t have any other comment on his alleged illegal activities.

Jae-hoon has also stepped down from his broadcasting job due to the ongoing investigation. He appeared on a TV show called Barefoot Friends back in September and he was asked why he was no longer on the air. He stated that he didn’t want to quit, but didn’t really have a choice. He added that he stopped smoking cigarettes and drinking out of personal choice, but leaving broadcasting was entirely different.

Also in South Korea, the country is trying to attract brick-and-mortar casino companies to the nation. This may seem a little odd since the government is dead against online gambling, but doesn’t have a problem with land-based wagering establishments. Earlier in 2013 South Korea said it wanted to bring in laws to regulate online gambling. This included popular multiplayer online contests such as Starcraft.

The government said it intends to regulate these games the same way it regulates real-money wagering, alcohol and drugs. The South Korean Ministry of Health supports legislation because it feels that online gambling is just as addictive as these other vices. Therefore, the government believes it needs to carefully control the creation of online gaming as well as their, distribution, sale and promotion.

The nation’s online gambling sector reacted to the news by saying the government should take into account that the South Korean industry has created more than 100 thousand jobs for residents and is one of the world leaders in the field. In response to the government announcements, K-IDEA (The Korea Internet & Digital Entertainment Association) has gathered about 240,000 signatures in protest to the plans. They claim the new regulations will be the death of the South Korean online gaming industry.

Many residents and media outlets are accusing the government of using the online gaming industry as a way to garner votes from parents and other sections of the nation that are against wagering.

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