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Mobile Gambling at Online Casinos

All the up-to-date casinos and gambling sites are now offering good options for real money play on mobile phones and tablets. But are there any differences? What games are available for play on mobile? And… what casino has the best mobile friendly casino games for my country/area?

In this article we will go through some of the latest mobile gambling apps for 2013 and make our recommendations of the best online casinos on mobile smart phones.

It seems like today, with all the advances in technology we have, you can do just about anything from a cell phone that can be done on a computer, and in most cases a TV as well. Whether it be banking, emails, or purchasing consumer goods, today’s cell phones can do it all. In the past cell phones were revolutionary because they allowed us to come in contact with people while either we or they were on the move. If you take a look back in time, the cell phones we had only ten years ago pale in comparison to the smart phones we have today. Nowadays, if a cell phone is not able to run email while taking HD photographs at the same time, it is considered to be obsolete.

Mobile Casino GamblingOne of the more recent advances in cell phone technology and capability is the advance of mobile gambling. Whether it is playing poker or blackjack on the run, or even just depositing funds into your player account so you can start playing as soon as you get home, all of these things can be done via a cell phone. Noticing the advances in technology, online gaming sites have been doing their part in creating apps and websites that are more compatible with the cell phones that we cannot seem to live without. As more and more of the world becomes connected, the need for online casinos to go mobile is becoming all too apparent.

The purpose of this article is to give you a better understanding of just how well online casinos are operating as well as the types of games and experiences you can expect from playing poker or any other casino game on a mobile phone app.

Best Mobile Online Casinos

Many sites can now offer at least a few casino games for mobile/tablets. However, there’s only a few that makes it really good in my opinion. For non US players, we strongly recommend Unibet Casino which offers a large amount of games and also live dealer. They have all the best NetEnt games, which we think is the most adapted mobile slots.

US players does not have as many option, but there is good news as top US casino WinPalace has recently added their mobile games!

Here’s another guide, where you can read more specifically about gambling for Android phones and all that comes with that.

Poker – Texas Hold’em

Perhaps one of the first games to become incredibly popular on the online spectrum is the ability to play poker on the go. Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular casino game out there, and no game is played online more so than it. Though the game was crafted and developed in the United States, it has truly grown to be a game with worldwide fame.

Nowadays, it does not matter whether you are on the bus, in the airport, or walking to a business meeting, online casinos make it possible for you to play real poker wherever you are. Not only can you partake in the poker games you love, but you will also notice that the experience garnered from a mobile game of poker will almost exactly replicate any online game of poker you have ever played, though it is played on a smaller screen.

These mobile poker sites do not slack in the promotions category either as new sign up and reload bonuses are constantly made available on the plethora of sites now operating mobile. In fact, players even flock to mobile tournaments too as a way to make long car trip or train rides more bearable. So long as you have a decent connection, something most phones have nowadays, you will be in the clear as far as mobile poker goes.

Other Casino Games

iPad Scratch Card OnlineOnline casinos are made up of more than people who are only looking for a game of poker to play, and because of this mobile sites and apps are too. Blackjack is arguably the second most played game on mobile casino sites because it is another easy game that can be played on the go. Because blackjack does not require an exorbitant amount of thinking, it can easily be played while on the run.

As you can see on the image, even scratch cards and other special games are now available for mobile play.

Slot games are another game offered by mobile casino developers, and probably the most popular ones. With your typical online slot games seeing improved graphics and gameplay all the time, it is no surprise that some mobile versions of the game also sport some of the best graphics in the industry. Cell phones today are becoming so advanced and intricate that they are more like little, portable HD TVs than a device made for the purpose of calling people on the go. More info on playing slots here.

Live Dealers now available on Mobile/iPad

The latest additions to mobile gambling in 2013 is the introduction of live dealer games. Even though there’s only a few sites offering this, and only a few games available for now, we should expect huge improvements and more games in the near future.

To try this, I recommend heading over to Unibet Casino for their live roulette that works great for iPad gambling and also on other tablets of course.


As is the case with any modern computer or cell phone, the amount of space that downloaded things take up on your computer is of vital importance. An online game may be the best around, with the best graphics, but if downloading it takes up so much space it slows down your computer, there is really not too much of a point. The same can be said about cell phone apps.

This is a challenge that was, and is constantly, overcome by those who make online casino applications for mobile devices. Since many of these phones only have gigabytes of space, conserving room on the user’s cell phone and SD card became of incredible importance.

Now that you know mobile casino applications do not typically take up too much space on your phone, you may be under the impression that they do not have the ability to deliver superior user experiences. The fact of the matter is that these application technicians have done such a good job that not only do the online casino applications not take up much space on the phone itself, they also do not slack when it comes to gameplay. Everything loads as fast as it should, and so long as you are in an area with good cell phone reception, gameplay should run just as smooth as it does when you have good internet connection.

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